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Cosori VS Ninja Air Fryer: Check 10 Differences Before Buying

When it comes to air fryers, two brands seem to stand out among the rest: the Cosori and Ninja air fryers. These popular kitchen appliances are known for their high-quality performance and competitive price points.  

Most food nerds swear by one brand or the other. But if you’re not already loyal to a specific air fryer brand, how do you decide which one is best for you? In this blog post, we will compare two popular air fryers: the Cosori Air Fryer and the Ninja Air Fryer. We will also take a look at their features and see how they stack up against each other. 

After checking the 10 differences between them, you should have a good idea of which air fryer is right for you! 

Overview Of Cosori Air Fryer: pros and cons

Known for its sleek, modern design and user-friendly interface, the Cosori air fryer is a popular option for home cooks. It uses rapid air circulation technology to cook delicious meals using little or no oil, resulting in healthier cooking. This turbo air circulation technology ensures food is cooked evenly, with no cold or burnt spots.  

The Cosori air fryer uses preset buttons to make it easy to cook a wide range of foods, from snacks and fries to meats and vegetables. It also includes an automatic shutoff function for safety and convenience. Its digital touchscreen interface makes it easy to add and adjust cooking time, temperature, and other settings as needed.   

And with its compact size, the Cosori air fryer is ideal for small kitchens or homes with limited storage space. The Cosori air fryer is available in different sizes and styles – depending on your needs and preferences. You can choose between the compact 6-quart model or the larger 8-quart model. Plus, it cooks up food 30% faster than other air fryers on the market!  


  • Easy-to-use Interface with presets 
  • Remote controlling and digital assistants features 
  • Non-stick basket
  • Shake /toss Alarm reminder
  • Square-shaped basket
  • Dishwasher Safe and Easy to clean


  • Remote cooking features can be better
  • Controls are a bit sluggish
  • Not good for toastings 

Overall, If you’re looking for a high-quality air fryer that offers easy, convenient cooking with healthy results, the Cosori air fryer is a great choice.

Overview of Ninja air fryer: pros and cons

Just as the name suggests, this air fryer is a “Ninja” in the kitchen. You can never go wrong with this appliance as it can easily create some of the most innovative dishes. With a Ninja air fryer in your kitchen, you are assured that you can cook all types of food with ease.  

When you search air fryers on amazon, you will find the Ninja air fryers have 10 times higher sales volume than other brands’, they features a powerful heating element that ensures that your food is evenly cooked and perfectly browned. It is one of the pro air fryer brands which use a radiant heat system, so you can enjoy your food much faster than with conventional cooking methods. It also comes with various temperature settings, allowing you to create the perfect meal every time. Whether you’re craving crispy fries or juicy chicken wings, this air fryer can do it all. 

What we really liked about the Ninja air fryer was its ability to cook different foods simultaneously. It features a large cooking area with two baskets so you can cook different types of food at ago. This makes it a great choice for families or large groups, as you won’t have to wait long to enjoy a delicious meal.


  • It’s simple to use once you get the hang of it.
  • All of the components are non-stick and dishwasher-safe.
  • It’s very fast and efficient
  • Can cook two foods differently at the same time 
  • Top-notch temperature control Feature
  • Easy to clean once done cooking 


  • No shake reminder
  • Not the most budget-friendly option
  • Tray suits smaller portions 

So if you’re looking for a powerful, easy-to-use air fryer that can help you create delicious and healthy meals, look no further than the Ninja air fryer. With this appliance in your kitchen, you can say goodbye to unhealthy frying and hello to delicious meals that will satisfy all your cravings!

10 Differences Between  Cosori And Ninja Air Fryer 

Truth be told, both these air fryers are kings in their own world. They have earned the bragging rights for the best air fryers. However, if you want to know what sets these two apart, here are some features that can help you make your choice: 

  • Price

One major difference between Cosori and Ninja air fryers is the price. Since they come from different manufacturers, it’s only natural that they offer varying price points. Cosori is typically more affordable and offers a range of products at competitive prices.   

Cosori air fryers usually cost around $80-120, while the prices of Ninja air fryers can range from $150-250. Some Ninja air fryers, like the Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry, can go as high as $399, which is quite a lot higher than Cosori’s most expensive product. 

  • Size and Capacity

Cosori air fryers are typically smaller than their Ninja counterparts, although both brands offer a range of sizes and capacities. Cosori models like the Cosori 5.8 Quart Air Fryer can accommodate up to 5.8 quarts of food, while Ninja air fryers like the Ninja Foodi XL Pro Air Fryer can cook up to 9.5 quarts of food at a time.  

Plus, Cosori air fryers are generally much smaller than Ninja models, with most measuring around 15 inches in height. Cosori air fryers also have a thinner design, which is great if you have limited counter space or need to store the appliance away after use.

  • Cooking Functions and Features 

Aside from size, Cosori and Ninja air fryers also differ in terms of their cooking functions and features. Cosori models tend to have a simpler design, with fewer cooking functions and pre-programmed settings, as compared to Ninja’s more advanced features.   

For example, Cosori air fryers like the Cosori 5.8 Quart Air Fryer often come with presets for chips, chicken, meat, fish, steak, and frozen foods. On the other hand, Ninja air fryers often come with additional functions like dehydrating and baking, as well as temperature controls.  

Overall, Cosori tends to offer a more basic set of features, while Ninja air fryers offer a more comprehensive range of cooking functions and more advanced features, which can be a bit hard to grasp.

  • Types: Basket, Oven, Convection 

Both these air fryer brands offer several types of air fryers, including basket models, oven models, and convection models. Cosori air fryers tend to favor the more traditional basket-style design and have most of its models in this category.  

The Ninja air fryers also have basket models, but they also have a more innovative oven and convection-style designs that Cosori doesn’t offer. This includes the  Ninja Air Fryer Oven, which features an oven-style design with ample space for cooking and a transparent glass lid for monitoring cooking

  • Materials and Design  

Cosori air fryers are known for their simple yet sleek design. They usually come in stainless steel or white color, and their slightly curved shape makes them look modern and stylish. Cosori also uses high-quality materials in its appliances, including bodies with anodized aluminum and a ceramic coating on the cooking basket.  

On the other hand, Ninja air fryers are known for their sharper, more modern design and are often available in different colors. This is great if you want an air fryer that looks a bit more exciting than Cosori’s more traditional design. 

However, they tend to use less durable materials like plastic and can be prone to breakage if not handled carefully.  

  • Maintenance 

Maintaining these appliances is pretty straightforward, as they both come with an operational manual with instructions on keeping your Cosori or Ninja air fryer in top shape. However, they do differ in a few ways. For Cosori models, you can simply wipe the air fryer with a damp cloth to keep it clean, while the cooking basket can be soaked in water and cleaned with a gentle brush.

On the other hand, to clean Ninja air fryers, you’ll need to disassemble the appliance and wash all its parts separately. This can be a bit tricky for a  beginner, so it’s best to check the manual for detailed instructions on how to clean your specific model.

  • Ease to use

A quick search online can tell you that Cosori air fryers tend to be easier to use than Ninja models. This is likely due to Cosori’s simpler design, which makes it easier to use the air fryer immediately. Cosori models also often come with simple controls and short pre-programmed settings, which is great if you’re just starting out with air frying.  

However, Ninja air fryers do offer more advanced features and controls, which can be a bit confusing for beginners. Most users lament that while it’s not hard to use, you need to use it a few times to master it. But once you do, you’ll be able to take full advantage of all the functions and get the most out of your Ninja air fryer.

  • Temperature control  Feature

This is one thing you will love about the Ninja Air Fryers. While both Cosori and Ninja air fryers offer temperature control, Cosori models tend to have only a few pre-programmed temperature settings, which can make your cooking experience somewhat limited. 

On the other hand, Most Ninja models offer a wide range of temperature settings, which gives you more control over how long and at what temperature you want to cook your food. This is great if you enjoy experimenting with different cooking techniques and prefer having more control over the final outcome of your dish.

  • BPA-free basket

Cosori air fryers are known to use safe, BPA-free materials in their appliances. This is particularly important if you’re concerned about the potential health risks associated with using BPA-containing plastics. Cosori also makes sure to select high-quality materials for its appliances and only uses those that are free from harmful chemicals.  

However, some Ninja models do use BPA-containing plastic materials in their cooking baskets, which can be a cause for concern if you’re sensitive to these chemicals. While we are not 100% sure about this, we have seen reviews online lamenting the same. So do your research before you buy.

  • Warranty  

Both these brands offer a warranty on their products. Both models are typically covered by a 12-month warranty. However, this will also depend on the make and model of the product you purchase. Expensive Ninja models tend to come with longer warranties which is understandable since they cost more than Cosori models.

Cosori Vs. Ninja: Which One Should You Get?

So which one should you get, Cosori or Ninja? The answer to this question will depend on your needs and preferences. For instance, if you are on a shoe-tight budget and still want something worth your money, Cosori is the way to go.  

If you have a big family or are hosting your friends and family over for dinner, then we recommend the Ninja. Apart from that, if you’re looking for an air fryer with more features and advanced controls, then a Ninja model would be a better option. 

Lastly, if you want something that is BPA-free and uses high-quality materials, Cosori is the better choice. But ultimately, the decision will come down to what you need and want in an air fryer.  

 Cosori VS Ninja Air Fryer: Which is Better?

To sum it up, both Cosori and Ninja offer great kitchen appliances that can make your life easier. Both brands have great options that cater to different needs and preferences. Cosori models tend to be more budget-friendly and easier to use, while Ninja models offer more features and advanced controls. So it really depends on what you’re looking for in an air fryer.  

We hope this Cosori vs Ninja air fryer comparison has helped you narrow down your options and make a more informed decision.  

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