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Costco 40th Anniversary (July) Check The Details Inside!

Costco 40th Anniversary (July) Check The Details Inside! >> The article talks about a popular online retail store and the various products available on it.

Costco is one of the most reliable warehouse companies headquartered in the United States and has its operations around different areas, including Canada, and to mention a few. The peculiarity about the company is its membership-only offers that allow users to purchase additional products from the website.

So, for all those who are unaware of Costco, you are at the right place. Also, here we present you with detail about Costco 40th Anniversary. Thus, stay tuned till the end of the article to know more.

Table of Contents

What is Costco?

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, Costco Wholesale Corporation, which is, in short, popular as Costco, is an MNC located in the USA. The USP of this corporation is that it operates on membership-only retail stores. Herein, users will require to hold membership of the stores to shop their products and services.

Furthermore, it was ranked 10th position in the Fortune 500 rankings as one of the largest corporations in the US based on its total revenue. In the below paragraphs, we would be talking in detail about Costco 40th Anniversary. So, continue to read below.

More Facts about Costco

In the below paragraph, we would be detailing few facts about Costco, which are as follows:

  • As of 2016, it is one of the largest retailers, a popular seller of products like organic food, prime beef, and rotisserie chicken.
  • It was founded by Jeffrey Brotman and James Sinegal
  • It is the 5th largest product retailer across the globe
  • Costco comprises over 804 warehouses across the world, with many more across different countries globally.

What is Costco 40th Anniversary?

The company is offering 10 book boxes set from Mr. Men on its 40th Anniversary at discounted prices. Costco Wholesale sells the book for its members on this website that was completed 40 years of its inception.

Details about the Product

A question that inspires the book Mr. Men asked Roger Hargreaves, founder of the book by his son Adam Hargreaves forty years before. How does a tickle look inspire the creator to go ahead, inventing Mr. Tickle and his friends in the book Mr. Men Land? The books have sold a million copies globally.

In the Costco 40th Anniversary, the book comes in a box set that contains the ten hardcover books in the package.

Features of the Book

  • It is available in the English language in Boxed Set format
  • The books are set for kids between 3 to 7 years.

Final Conclusion

The set of 10 books comprises Mr. Tickle, Mr. Bump, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Snow, Mr. Happy, Mr. Messy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Sneeze, Mr. Silly, and Mr. Topsy-Turvy is available on the Costco website for sale. In addition, members can grab the Costco 40th Anniversary edition and have a great read. Learn more about Costco here

Which is your favorite edition from Roger Hargreaves’s book series? Do share with us your thoughts and experience in the comments box below.

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