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Costco Food Box Scam {Nov} Stay Alert About Gift Scam!

Costco Food Box Scam {Nov} Stay Alert About Gift Scam! >> An article about a food gift scam on Facebook, read whole article to know about it and stay safe!

Costco Food Box Scam; with the increasing number of internet users, there are increasing numbers of scams. People are slowly becoming smart consumers, but not all scams are this obvious as the one we will be talking about today.

Have you heard about this latest scam that went viral on Facebook? If not, then continue reading this article to enlighten you on how to identify fraud.

This scam is all about a retail company based in the United States whose name was used in the scam to fool people, but the Facebook users quickly identified the fraud, whereas few fell for this.

Let’s learn more.

What is Costco Food Box Scam?

The scam started with a fake post on Facebook, which said that the company would like to give away $75 coupons on its 35 anniversary. The condition of winning this coupon was that all the users who commented, enjoyed, and shared the post would be rewarded with vouchers.

Yes, the post said all the users, now common sense which company will give away coupons to all the users? The people from the United States were quick to react to it, making fun of the post. 

The scam post had many errors and could be identified very quickly, but not all users were quick to realize that, and that is the reason this scam offer started spreading rapidly. Costco Food Box Scam started trending on various platforms.

How did the scam spread so quickly?

As mentioned, some users believed in this offer initially; the same users then liked the post and shared it with all their possible contacts. Then those users shared theirs; this created a chain making the post go viral.

The viral post had many errors and mistakes, and the offer was outstanding to be true. Most companies do give-away, but the winners are limited. The page that posted this offer was created on 5th October 2020, less than two months, which is a suspicious thing to notice. 

Costco Food Box Scam became so viral that the official company page had to clarify that it is not their official account and not to fall in this scam.

What were the errors in the scam post?

As the scam was spreading like wildfire, some self-explanatory errors and mistakes in the post; let’s have a detailed look at it.

  • First of all, the offer itself sounded so false; I mean, which company will give away such a massive amount of coupons to so many people? The request was not possible for even the wealthiest company in the world.
  • If looked carefully, the post had no links or mentions directed to the official page of Costco.
  • The comment section of Costco Food Box Scam was full of comments claiming this is a scam offer.
  • The typing error in the post was the CEO’s name, Jelinek, and not Jelinekand, as mentioned in the center.
  • There was a mistake in the anniversary year; Costco is 37 years old and not 35.
  • And lastly, the page that posted this offer was created on 5th October 2020, less than two months. 

How not to fall for such scams

The scams that are now happening are very smartly planned and executed; it is sometimes challenging to differentiate. But some scams are very obvious; the following points can be kept in mind if you see anything suspicious like the Costco Food Box Scam.

  • Read the post or message properly and Google about the company that is offering you.
  • Check for spelling mistakes or grammar errors in the post of the message.
  • Go to the company’s official website and check if they held any give-aways.
  • Lastly, cross-check the claims they are making.

How did Costco react to this scam offer? 

With the offer going viral, it did grab the attention of the company. The company took its official social media handle to clarify that it has not offered any such coupons on social media.

One of the store representatives mentioned that the company never sends any coupons like these on social media. The Costco Food Box Scam was a total scam and also created so much confusion.


Scam offers like these come and go; it depends on how they see these types of deception and how they react to it. Never share something that sounds suspicious, and always read the comment section for a better look.

Please comment on this scam and write down some of the points that can be considered to avoid scams like these.

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