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Costco Free Grocery Box {Nov} You Avoid Gift Box Post!

Costco Free Grocery Box {Nov} You Avoid Gift Box Post! >> Are you aware of the gifts and promotional scams of the grocery store? Go through the details here.

Are you aware of the Costco free scam? Do you know how it tricks the users? Well, you will get all the details regarding the fraud in the content below.

As per a post on Facebook Costco Free Grocery Box, The CEO of the grocery shop on the occasion of the 35th birthday says that everyone who comments or likes the posts within 24 hours will get a reward grocery box.

The scam is seen happening in the United States; we see that the CEO asks the interested people who are willing to earn a gift to do a small thing. The scam is operated by the crooks who have led many Food box scam similar ones.

Also, the scam appears to be that the CEO of the store has himself posted the message, but it’s not right.

Costco Free Grocery Box Scam might lead to the people losing their money, and it is better if the readers are aware of it to stay safe.

What is the Grocery Box?

As per the post on Facebook, the store claims to provide the customers who comment on the site, will receive a free Christmas gift. The ones who do this are directed to a link; here, they are asked to enter a username and create a password. After that, it would ask for the credit card details.

As per the page, it claims once you have entered the details, the gift will reach you within 30 minutes by the Costco Free Grocery Box.

How do we know that Free Grocery Box is a scam?

Some important points to know it is a scam are:

  • If it would be real, it won’t charge the customers a single amount.
  • There is no official mention of the Costco real page. Nor is there any relationship with the store’s blog or social media pages.
  • Also, in the post, they mention the name of the CEO to be Jelinekand, which is not the actual name.
  • The store was founded 37 years ago and not 35, which depicts Costco Free Grocery Box‘s post errors

Views of people on Free Grocery Box:

The customers of the United States need to know that there are a lot of red flags on the scam. Along with this, it is essential to be aware that no CEO of the corporate world can make such posts.

Another important fact is that all the promotional offers have their brand’s name attached, logos, social media links, or anything suitable.

The bottom line:

We see that the post is fake, and the scam can affect many people’s savings. The page and the post are created to lure the customers and seek their personal information.

So we would recommend the customers beware of Costco Free Grocery Box Scam, and do not do anything that is said in the fake post.

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