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Couly Wordle {August 2022} Checkout Hints & Clues Here!

This post on Couly Wordle will guide you towards the mystery five-letter word of #409 Wordle.

How often do you play Wordle? Did you solve the #409 Wordle task? If not, this article will help you. Wordle has become a new trend in English-speaking countries like Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Europe. People love spending their time on this word-guessing game and posting their scores on social media.

The #409 Wordle task of 2nd August is trending on social media. Read this blog post on Couly Wordle to know why.

Why is it trending?

Wordle was one of the first games that attracted millions of users through its simple and easy tasks. However, it is not easy now compared to its initial days. Recently, most players lost the #409 task of Wordle as many guessed wrong answers such as “COULY,” “COPLY,” and a few more.

Whereas the actual correct answer was “COYLY.” Wordle is trending on social media after this complex task. Players expressed their thoughts and aggression about Wordle’s increased difficulty. Keep reading to know more.

Is Couly a Word?

The year 2022 comes with this new trend of guessing some words within a few attempts. Some people play these games to check their vocabulary knowledge. However, people with solid vocabulary also struggled with this Wordle challenge. For example, the word “COULY” doesn’t exist in the English dictionary. 

But if you search the meaning of this word on the internet, you will find a similar word, “Coulé,” which stands for a slur or transition in music or instrument. At the same time, the correct answer is “COYLY,” meaning to be shy or hide a secret. After the Couly Game trended on various social media platforms, many new players wanted to know how they could play Wordle.

Wordle Rules

Before you try your luck on your first Wordle game, you must be familiar with the game’s rules. The game is simple to play and can be played by anyone worldwide.

  • You have six tries to guess the correct mystery word.
  • The mystery word consists of Five-letters.
  • The color on the box will indicate you towards mystery words.
  • Grey means wrong letter, Yellow means the letter is placed somewhere else and
  • Green means the letter is correctly placed.
  • Start your guess with words with more than one vowel-like Couly Wordle.

Final Verdict

Summing up, Wordle is part of the daily morning routine of many players worldwide. Users worldwide play Wordle and share their scores on social media platforms. To maintain your Wordle winning streak score, you must learn new five-letter words from an English dictionary because the game’s difficulty level is increasing daily. We have provided all the information related to the #409 Wordle task of 2nd August 2022.

Check out this link to learn more about the 2nd August challenge of Wordle.

Let us know how you felt about this article on Couly Wordle in the comments section below.

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