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Creative Minister Horse {May} How The Owner Get Entry!

Creative Minister Horse has shared details on a horse whose owner has spent around 150, 000 dollars to get his supplementary entry for the race on Saturday.

Are you a horse race lover and looking for a Triple Crown winner for 2022? Many Derby fans in the United States got upset with the news that Kentucky winner Rick Strike is not participating in the second leg of the Triple Crown Preakness Stakes. 

The underdog Rick Strike surprised many with his performance at Kentucky 2022, and Preakness will throw a similar surprise on Saturday. Creative Minister has a 10-1 odd chance of winning the race, and his owner has spent a decent amount to get a supplementary entry; keep reading Creative Minister Horse for more details.

Creative Minister in Preakness Stakes 2022:

The owner of Creative Minister has spent around $150,000 to get a supplemental entry for the horse. The lack of race for the horse prevented him from getting nominated to the race.

He did two races after late nomination day and has been undefeated till now. The owner has a fair chance of getting their entry investment back if Creative finishes in the top three. Greg Back and Paul Fireman are co-owner of the colt with a 45 percent stake for each, while trainer McPeek holds the rest 10 percent.

Creative Minister Horse Pedigree:

Creative Minister belongs to the Pedigree of Tamboz, and Creative Cause both have a racing history and some wins. Tamboz is linked to the mare Carlos Christmas that started the Winchell breeding. She has produced good runners like Call Now and Olympio, a grade two and one runner, respectively.

Creative Cause is on the other side of parentage for Minster, and it finished third at the 2012 Preakness Stakes. Dream of Summer, Siberian Summer, and Caro and Fortino 2 are on the father side, while Tamboz and Tapit, both gray/roan, are on the mother side, defining the Creative Minister Horse Pedigree.

Creative Minister and other Horses Chances at Preakness 2022?

Preakness 2022 is the second leg of the Triple Crown and is one of the premier horse racing events in the country. Some time ago, the win of underdog Rick Strike at the Kentucky Derby opened up the race in Baltimore. The odds for each horse running the race on Saturday are listed below.

  • Simplification – 6-1
  • Fenwick – 50-1
  • Early voting – 7-2
  • Epicenter – 6-5
  • Armagnac – 12-1
  • Creative Minister -10-1
  • Secret Oath – 9-2
  • Happy Jack – 30-1
  • Skippylongstocking – 20-1

Epicenter is the favorite and runner of Kentucky 2022.

How to Watch Creative Minister Horse Racing at Preakness Stakes 2022?

Since it is one of the premier horse racing events in the country, millions of fans watch it and see their favorite horse win. This event is slated for 21st May 2022 at 7 pm ET and the CNBC network will start its broadcast from 2 pm onwards on Saturday.


Based on internet research, we can say that there is a lot at stake forCreative Minister Owner, and if it succeeded in remaining in the top three, Greg and Co would have the last laugh. Derby fans can share their views and winner for this race in the comment section of Creative Minister Horse.

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