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Creatorchallenge Fortnite com {Nov} Witness the Challege

Creatorchallenge Fortnite com {Nov} Witness the Challege >> If you want to know about the fortnite challenge that Epic games came up with, read the article.

Apart from among us, the game fortnite has also become famous among the youth. The game was launched in 2017 by the Epic games, and the genre of the game is a battle royale, sandbox, and survival.

The game is gaining popularity in many countries, including Iran, Italy, Mexico, and the United States. The players are excited about the new fortnite creative challenge, and to know about the challenge in detail, read the entire article on ‘Creatorchallenge Fortnite com.’

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What is the fortnite game?

The game fortnite is a kind of a video game that came in 2017, and the developers are Epic games. The game is available in three different modes: saving the world, battle royale, and sandbox mode.

In the fortnite save the World challenge, the game is between the player and the cooperative environment game where you require four players who work as a team on different tasks. In the sandbox mode, the players can create their own game, and in the battle royale mode, upto 100 players can play in the game. 

What is the challenge?

The challenge on the website ‘Creatorchallenge Fortnite com‘ started on 16th November, and the last date to participate in the challenge in 22nd November. The challenge will accept only 5 lakh participants, and therefore you need to go to the website and register. To take part in the challenge, you have to support any of the game’s popular content creators between Natehill, Euzey, and Skibex FN.

What are the types of challenges?

The challenges are of two types that is community challenge and daily challenge. The limit of participants for the daily challenge is 100000.

List of daily challenges as per ‘Creatorchallenge Fortnite com‘ are as follows:

Day 1:- You have to link your twitch account and then follow the creator’s channel. You have to play alone for 20 minutes in the game.

Day 2:- Now you have to watch the creators stream for a particular period that is 30 minutes and then eliminate three players in the solo game. 

Day 3:- The challenge for the third day is you have to play in the duo game for 30 minutes. 

Day 4:- To win on the fourth day, you have to come in top 25 in the solo game and follow the games twich account after registering on ‘Creatorchallenge Fortnite com.’

Day5:- To win the prize on the 5th day, you have to eliminate five people in the squads game and use the 500 channel points.

Day 6:- You have to send an emote that you won in the first five days during the challenge, and you need to come in top 25 in the duo’s game for 5 minutes.

Day7:- The last day of the daily challenge, you have to subscribe to the channel and watch the stream for 30 minutes. Also, give to play in the solo game for 1 hour. 

Community challenge

You will win a fortnite emoticon on ‘Creatorchallenge Fortnite com’ if you play the game for 10000000 minutes. Also, you need to subscribe to the creator’s channel and watch the stream for half an hour. 


The final line is the Epic games, which are the developers of the fortnite game famous in Iran, Italy, Mexico, and the United States came up with a creative challenge in which the players can participate in single, duo, squad modes.

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