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Cricutarts Reviews (July 2021) Is The Website Legit?

Cricutarts Reviews (July 2021) Is The Website Legit? >> Please read this composition to learn about a new portal selling computerized cutting machines and its legality.

Are you enthusiastic about do-it-yourself activities? Does working with Cricut machines interest you? You must have lately seen or heard about a new website called Cricut Arts, but are you dubious about its legitimacy? Please read on to find out complete details about this portal. 

In this article, we have researched the facts about this website, considering Cricutarts Reviews, and discussed its authenticity, which craft persons from several nations, including the United States, are keen to know.

What Is Cricutarts?

Cricutarts is an online e-commerce platform that sells computerized cutting devices used for making crafted items at home. These machines are designed to cut materials such as paper, wood, leather, fabric, vinyl, etc., for cutting out various shapes, designing clothes, carving glass, painting wooden items, decorating cups, and so on. 


  • Website Type – An online electronic commerce portal that deals with computerized equipment for making crafts and designs at home. 
  • E-mail Address – contact@viridiangel.com (The domain of this e-mail id is parked for free, i.e., no website is associated with it. This fact shall almost clarify your doubt Is Cricutarts Legit)
  • Website Address – https://www.cricutarts.com/
  • Contact Address – 201 Shilin Building, 2132, Songbai Road, Baoan District, Taiwan Industrial Zone, Shenzhen City, Guangdong – 518100 (which pertains to a Chinese garment manufacturing company)
  • Contact Number – 18126324875 (mentioned on other websites also)
  • Products Price – by default in USD; can be converted to Euro, Pound, AUD, and CAD.
  • Sort and Filter Options – available
  • Payment Methods – Visa and Master cards, and PayPal
  • Shipping and Return Policies – mentioned separately.
  • Terms And Conditions – mentioned


Please find the few found advantages of shopping from this platform.

  • The products have been explicitly described.
  • All legal points have been covered in the section “Terms Of Use”.


With respect to Cricutarts Reviews, please find the dominating negative aspects involving in this website. 

  • There are spelling errors in the website content, such as “forget” password instead of “forgot” password and “satisefactor” instead of “satisfaction”.
  • The social media links are non-functional. 
  • The discounts on the products are too huge to believe.
  • All products are rated 5-stars without any customer review available, which raises the question about the reliability of this portal.
  • It is not easy to trust the website due to its recentness.
  • A pop-up appears on the left-bottom corner of the screen every 5 seconds showing the recent purchases, the verity of which seems to be highly dubious. 

Do you find Is Cricutarts Legit?

Please read the below particulars to be aware of the genuineness of this website, which will guide you to answer the above question. 

  • Website Age – less than a fortnight, 
  • Website Trust Score – 1%, which is categorized under a “Very Bad Trust Score”.
  • Customer Reviews – Not available
  • Absence of Social Media Linking – There are icons on the home page connected with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. However, on clicking these, the page is being directed to the last searched page on the portal instead of opening the social media pages. Please read on to know more about Cricutarts Reviews
  • Invalid E-mail Id – The domain of the contact e-mail address does not have any associated website and is a free parked domain. Such hostnames use the address of some other server to function and do not operate by themselves. 
  • Content Originality – The wordings in the “About Us” section seem to be copied from some other source as there is a frequent mention of “Clearance Sale”, which is irrelevant to the policy wording.

Based on the above findings over the Internet, it is as clear as a crystal that the website is not trustworthy. Still, it is a new site, we are unable to mention the authenticity of this website and hence we verdict it as a suspicious one. 

Cricutarts Reviews

Quite predictably, none of the reviewing platforms such as Amazon, Trustpilot, Quora, or Reddit remark about this portal. This is attributable to the inexperience and unreliability of the subject portal. Furthermore, while attempting payment in such new websites, beware of fraudulence regarding PayPal, which are often used by conmen to deceive the users on the digital platforms. 


We hope that you have made your mind regarding purchase from this website after reading this write-up. We would suggest you not indulge in this illicit portal to refrain from credit card scams. You can read about the various cutting machines  for assisting in the DIY tasks. 

Please share with us your comments on Cricutarts Reviews below.

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