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Crotchdart Com Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit One?

Crotchdart Com Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit One? >> You should first see the given review about this website. And, then you will get the valid answer of this question. Read the post to know about pros as well as cons of using this ecommerce website.

Are you looking for an online fashion store that would help you in buying fashionable and trendy products online to maintain your fashion & style statement? If the answer is yes, then this post in the category of Crotchdart Com Reviews would help you in knowing about Crotchdart.com, which is an online fashion & style store, popular in the United States

If you are an online shopper, then, it is always advisable to follow an expert verdict and to go through all the reviews about any particular product or a brand so that you can save your hard-earned money. Hence, this post on Crotchdart.com Reviews would give you more knowledge about this online fashion store.

About Crotchdart.com

Crotchdart.com is an online store that is dedicated to bringing all the online customers the best deals on various fashion & style products. This online store is gaining massive popularity amongst the masses in the United States. Various products categories that are mentioned on the website are Fashion, Bags, Health & Beauty, Footwear and Electronics. On the main top bar, the following product categories are mentioned:

  • Dinnerware
  • Jewelry: The jewelry articles that are shown under this category are various types of Earrings, Bracelets and Rings.
  • Petites: Under this category, the various products that are shown are Tops, Maxi Dresses, Mini Shift Dresses, Joggers, Sweater Jackets, Jumpsuits, Mini Dresses, Embroidered Tops, Tapered Pants, Boyfriend Jeans, Shirtdresses, Button-downs, Camisoles, Midi Skirts, Blouses, Joggers, Sweaters and Baby-doll Tops. 
  • Sunglasses and Reading Glasses: Here, on this website, you can get trendy sunglasses as well as simple reading glasses. The various types of sunglasses and reading glasses that are shown in this category of the products are Square Sunglasses, Round Sunglasses, Light Sunglasses, Oversized Sunglasses, Cat-Eye Sunglasses, Aviator Sunglasses and Simple Reading Glasses.

Crotchdart.com claims to offer high-quality services and longstanding commitment to its clients. In the About Us Section only, they have mentioned their e-mail id as crotchdart@outlook.com , for any further questions and enquiries. There are multiple payment options available like Visa, PayPal, American Express and Discover.

In the Contact Us section, they have given their contact details as follows:

Contact Address: 1527 Fruitland dr, Bellingham, WA, 98226

Email: crotchdart@outlook.com

Contact No.: +1 8456360200

Affiliate Program

On their official website, they have given the details about their Affiliate Program wherein they have mentioned that joining of their affiliate program is absolutely free. They will seek a place for their product promotion links on the member’s website. 

Keep you Informed

There is a newsletter section also available on the website wherein you can subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest updates or promotions.

Shipping & Refund

Crotchdart.com is famous in the United States, but they have mentioned for the worldwide delivery on their official website. It is mentioned on Crotchdart.com that free shipping and returns on all the orders is available. They use DHL as a shipping method. But, for some other countries, they use EMS as a shipping method. They accept order cancellation only before the product is shipped or produced. If the product is shipped out, then you cannot cancel your order.

Positive & Negative Points of Crotchdart.com

As we have analyzed the website and from other Crotchdart.com Reviews, we have found that it has some pros as well some cons. 

The prons are: It is secured as it has SSL encryption (https). An e-commerce website that handles payments and sensitive user information must use https. It has decent design and construction, and product pictures are well placed. It has multiple payment gateways. It has #7583001 ranking on the Alexa, which means it has reasonable traffic.

The cons are: There is no social media button present on the website, which shows no social media presence. Also, there is any information about the founders of the website. The domain name is very recent, which usually is a bad sign. If we click on the products tab Dinnerware then the message: “400 Bad Request” appears, and that is also not a good sign. All the product categories like, Fashion, Bags, Health & Beauty, Footwear and Electronics are not clickable, which is also not a good indication. 

Final Verdict on Crotchdart.com

We can’t say much at this time for Crotchdart.com as it is a newbie in the market. The domain name is very recent, as mentioned above, just registered a few months ago. But from other Crotchdart.com Reviews, it is highly suggested and recommended to use this fashion and style online store carefully and to go through all the Crotchdart.com Reviews to understand whether online shopping here is safe or not?

We would highly appreciate if you would let us know your experience and don’t forget to leave the remark. Please check for leaving the remark option, beneath. 

0 thoughts on “Crotchdart Com Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit One?

  1. I purchased a brother 5 x 7 embroidery machine for $63.76. I tried cancelling the order immediately after my purchase through paypal. I never hot a response from crothdart until 2 days later. They stated they are a logit company but I’m finding it hard to believe I will get a new machine for that price. I contacted my bank because paypal customer service is not open due to covid 19. The bank cancelled my debit card and issued ma a new one. I finally received an email with my tracking number, which is china post. There were no reviews for any of the machines. I will update this comment once I receive the package. I’m still believing I have been scammed, but cannot yet say for sure.

    1. Thank you for your comment; I was also looking for a Brother sewing/embroidery machine (likely the same one) and was curious when their site showed up with such a low price. I will be curious to find out if you actually receive the correct machine.

    2. Hi I recently had a really experience with this company. When I placed my order for a Janome sewing machine I had several red flags to the point that I decided to cancel my order an hour later. One red flag was my PayPal statement showed my payment went to Helen Brown and on my receipt it showed Helen Brown was actually Chen Haiyou?? THAT was the biggest red flag. Their number listed on the website is in NY but their address is WA? Their number is NOT a working number? I received 3 different emails from them from 3 different email addresses?? After SEVERAL email attempts to desperately reach a person with the company I finally received a reply about my order. The email read EXACTLY like this, “fine,we’ll cancel it.” NOT EVEN proper English grammar format. THAT even tells me more about their company. I was at the least expecting a more professional reply to my email that was very lengthy as to my concerns that they “may” be a scam company. But I get that one line reply?? LOL
      If you look at their products that they are selling their prices on reading glasses are ASTRONOMICALLY high!! Everything is WAYYYY over priced and they aren’t even name brands. Anyway, lesson learned and will be more careful in the future. I suggest that anyone who is looking to purchase from this company…be careful.

      1. i ordetef seeing machine too on april and it says it was delivered on june3 but i havent receive any box at all

        1. The crotchdart company is a scam. They take your money and you never get what you paid for. I ordered a seei g machine and they sent 4 face masks. They stole my money and quit responding.

          1. This is misleading if it happen with you…. Kindly go for the official website to know refund policy… thank you…

        2. I ordered a sewing machine and they sent face mask. They stole my money and quit responding. They are scam artists. Crotchdart is NOT a legitimate trustworthy or honest company.

          1. We apologize for your bad experience … we are requesting you kindly go for official website to know more about refund policy… thank you….@@

    3. The same situation for me I ordered a sewing machine on April 10 because local store were sold out and the price was really good. After I made the purchase I then checked the reviews on the website but they weren’t any. I was afraid I got scammed so I contacted PayPal to cancel the order. They told me I had to wait 2 weeks if I don’t get produce then they will issue me a refund guaranteed. I emailed the website and told them I placed an order and I never got a confirmation email. They responded via email that they were working on the order then I got the email with the shipping info at 3am . Everyday I check the tracking and the same since the beginning a label was created and they were waiting for shipment. I am waiting to see what happens and hopefully I didn’t get scammed.

      1. I also ordered the Brother sewing machine on April 16th and immediately had a bad feeling afterwards and tried to cancel the next day. They didn’t respond until two days later telling me this “ I’m so sorry i have checked your order has been shipped out,we can’t cancel now
        As our goods are in high quality and on sale now ,they are worth a try.” it’s now May 23 rd and the last tracking info I have is from China on April 29th from the Shanghai Airport. We will see what happens. I will definitely update this!

        1. April 15 I ordered the brother 600! Was so excited today to see finally being delivered! I did not get a sewing machine… . I got 3 cheap black masks!!!! The throw away kind!!!!!

        2. I ordered a brother machine mid April, the tracking number just showed that it had moved through Shanghai air since April 19, today it said it arrived at Cincinnati, well something is coming lol my son still laughs at me for buying something from a place called crotch dart

    4. I purchased a singer sewing machine a month ago. I haven’t received it. I will update this comment if I receive it soon. I hope 🤞

    5. Well, I guess I boarded the same sinking ship y’all did. I ordered a sewing machine (cuz stores are out) on April 10. Before ordering I wanted to verify that I was doing business in the US because I knew imports would have delays due to COVID-19. I reviewed their shipping policy and return policy for information and since returns, we’re sent to WA I felt comfortable making my purchase. The price really wasn’t alarming to me because I buy refurbished and overstocked stuff all the time at a 50% price drop. Anyway, I digress, I received an email confirmation of my order later that day and roughly 72 hours later I received an email with my tracking number. It was at this point I wanted to kick myself in the rear end… The tracking was from CHINA…UHG! It said it was accepted and processed through a Shanghai facility on April 14, then dispatched for shipment on the 15th but no updates since 😟

  2. Thank you for this review. I would be afraid to use this website do to buying the same sewing machine for $159 at singer.com and on this site it is $62. I checked prices at several locations and none are this low. I found a price of $139 at walmart but this was a 2017 price. Do to the pandemic you know companies are raising prices on things people need the most. Thumbs down on this website!

    1. I ordered a heavy duty singer sewing machine for around 68.00 and never received it. I looked at the email receipt for my order and it said the machine would be sent to me after my purchase was accepted. That was a month ago. I cannot find what card I used and so I wrote the complaint department last week and have never heard from them. I advise no one to order anything from this company. Too many red flags. I’m going to double check that my purchase did not go through. Then I will order the machine from another company!

    2. Same situation for me, and I think we ordered at the same time I still waiting for my sewing machine.

  3. I tried to call them at the phone number listed on their web page but was informed that it is not a working number.

    I had placed an order with them but nowhere did they indicate the shipping date.

  4. Crotchdart will take your money and ship nothing. I paid through PayPal and PayPal will not declare it fraud. They didn’t ship the items. Their phone number listed on the website is not a working number. They won’t respond to emails. They list their address in the US but are really in China.

    1. My daughter ordered me a sewing machine from them. She forward the email confirmation and the shopping confirmation. Yesterday it said it arrived. It did not. What arrived was a small package with N95 masks. I’m so upset and I don’t won’t to hurt my daughters feeling. I feel trapped

    1. DO NOT BUY FROM CROTCHDART! I too ordered a sewing machine for my granddaughter’s birthday, $68ish dollars like the rest of you. I ordered mid April and in June received 5 black masks like many others mentioned. I contacted PayPals and they contacted Crotchdart which I was informed were sending out another sewing machine. It was to arrive yesterday (Mid July now) and it didn’t. I suspected something was wrong when the tracking said “Arrived Kansas” then “Arrived & names city” then “Out FO Delivery”. Certainly not wors used in most tracking. I only wished I’d see these before I ordered but when I ordered I THOUGHT I was ordering within the US not from China!!!

  5. Please do not buy from this website. It’s too good to be true when you see a price so cheap for that item. I ordered something from there and they closed their website and I got no information about my item at all. No confirmation. This is a SCAM website

  6. Ty so much for that very important information! I will not be purchasing anything from this NonLEGIT-illegal scam of a website!

  7. I just ordered from this site and did receive a reply email with my order confirmation. I hope, like the rest of you, that they aren’t scamming customers and I really do get my order. If not I know the contact info for the att. Gen. And the fbi frayd alert site. They investigate and prosecute. They better not screw me over.

    1. I also ordered and after doing so I noticed the invoice I got said date added 12/04/20 what the devil does that mean

  8. Y’all please be careful!! I too got scammed by them!! No response!! I go to read details and it has a warning for chemicals including the chemicals that give you cancer!!! There’s no other machines made with chemicals like that!!!! I even went thru other manufacturers manuals to check.. absolutely no chemical!!! This had me so scared and I regretted the purchase and still no refund!!

  9. Any updates from people who’ve ordered from them (croctchdart.top)? I know it’s a Chinese based website so I was wary but unfortunately not until after the purchase was made… I’ve purchased from China(through Wish App) in the past for lower prices, it usually takes a month or so f or the item to be delivered. I also ordered a singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machine and just recieved tracking information. Please keep updates on whether you have received your purchase or not. I felt uneasy and tried canceling too but paypal denied my request. Here’s hoping I get my machine, everywhere I’ve looked is sold out of sewing machines at the moment..

    1. Hi I ordered a sewing machine off of this website and wanted to cancel my prefer as well after reading reviews on the website. Eventually after I realized it was a scam I knew there was nothing I could do to get my money back. $53.00 down the drain!!!! Now On June 2nd I received 5 black face masks. At first I didn’t know what it was because I did not order any face mask, then after putting two and two together I realized it was supposed to be my sewing machine. After saying all this I WARN YOU DO NOT ORDER OF THIS SITE!!!!! It’s a scam!

  10. We also ordered the Brother Embroidery machine on 4/11/2020. Response said they will ship after payment is confirmed. It cleared our credit card on 4/14/2020. I emailed them on 4/20/2020 and so far no response. I’m contacting our credit card company today to claim fraud.

  11. This is a big fraud.and scam. I cannot believe that I fell for it at 87 years old-I know better. Phone number does not work and e-mail messages are not returned . Delete the website as fast as you ca n!

    1. I received a confirmation and a tracking number for my order I have been tracking it and it says it’s on its way from China. Let’s see!!!!

  12. Oh wow i ordered my granddaughter a brothers sewing machine same reason cant find a reasonable priced one anywhere this company came up along with a lot of others so i figured wow and have ordered thru PayPal said didn’t go thru so tried again same problem . So i looked up there information called them next day numbers not in order so tried again just in case i dialed wrong but no same answer . So i figured oh well I’ll keep looking or back ordered from walmart or joanns fabric . Then i got a e-mail saing my order has been updated tothe following status. . Pending order ID 17235 dated 4/15/2020. Im confuses cause i didnt think my order went through. C brooks

  13. I filed a complaint with The Better Business Bureau, after reading all these reviews. I was sent a tracking number for the sewing machine I ordered, about 3 days later.

  14. I was scammed as well. Ordered on 4/11/20. I received tracking info but never received my item….which was a sewing machine. I’ve been going back and forth with PayPal and my bank to get my money back, but they won’t help as well. I will continue to dispute until I get it back. I also sent an email to the email addresses listed and called the number on the website. I never received a response and the phone number doesn’t work. I sent screenshots of my email and outbound call to PayPal and hoping they will send me my money back and stop doing business with this company! Definitely a lesson learned!

  15. Add me to the list of suckers. I paid for a small Singer sewing machine $58. I find out it is shipping from Shanghai and after waiting a month for a box to show up, and getting screen shots of tracking orders, I discovered in my junk mail pile an envelope from Shanghai containing 3 black masks that were made from grocery bags. They have responded to emails overnight saying they will send the correct item, they will refund $85% or ship back what you received. I have put in a claim to Paypal, but I am not counting on getting my money returned. I am going to report this to the local Postmaster General because they are using their service for a fraudulent business.

    1. Same thing happened to me, I purchased a Brothers sewing machine for $59, I was sceptical a little a first due to the cheap price. But didn’t think much about it because it was coimg from china, and I shop on Wish all the time for good stuff for really cheap prices with not problems. But I was never able to get a hold of any one from this company(well fake company). The number they have posted on their web site is disconnected, the sign on information I use on their web site doesn’t work, and I haven’t received any response to my emails I sent them. I never received any type of invoice, payment confirmation or proof of purchase. I Just have what I had screen shouted myself after I purchased the sewing machine. Even though payment for the sewing machine was immediately take out of my account that day by some other person or company. After about two weeks after I purchased the machine I received a tracking number around 3am with a carrier’s info. from china. Then
      a week after that I tracked the number to found out the package had arrived here at our local post office. Only to receive three day later a small black plastic bag wrap as an envelope from china looking like a Wish package, containing two N95 mask inside. What the Heck I I didn’t order masks. But this is what they sent to me. I’m furious and cant beleive I’ve been ripped of like this.

  16. Add me to the list of scammed. I’ve been waiting for over a month for a sewing machine. The only thing that has shown up is a envelope containing 3 black face masks. I’ve put in a complaint with Paypal and sent information to the Postmaster General because they used USPS for their scams.

    1. Guess I was the lucky one to get 5 masks instead of my sewing machine? Waiting on an email response. If I dont hear from them by Monday, I will contact PayPal to get my refund. They have responded via email so far, so I at least have those threads to give to PayPal

  17. My wife purchased a sewing machine April the 9th and after a month and a half has passed a envelope with 3 black face mask was in it. #SCAMED

  18. I purchased a sewing machine from Crotchdart and 6 weeks later received paper face masks instead. They said they would only refund 85% of my payment and then stopped answering my emails. I never got any refund. Definitely a scam.

  19. I experienced the same thing. I ordered a singer sewing machine and got back three black face mask after 2 months. I emailed them the first time the day of my purchase to get a tracking number and they sent me very vague information on the item. I emailed them again a month later inquiring about the product and they never responded me back. I gave them a very bad review on another website but gave up on them. until I received a package 2 months later with 3 black masks with the same tracking number that they game. Apart from sending me the wrong item, the masks were very underwhelming. In conclusion, it’s a scam. They took advantage of the pandemic hype and created this fake website to hoodwink their customers.

  20. I ordered a sewing machine and they sent face mask. They stole my money and quit responding. They are scam artists. Crotchdart is NOT a legitimate trustworthy or honest company.

    1. No worry, @, but you are on the wrong track,,, kindly go for the right webpage and see the site is legit or scam…. Thank you….

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