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Cryptogodz NFT {Dec 2021} Know, Would This Be Helpful!

Cryptogodz NFT post shares relevant information about gaming token Godz and discusses its price supply and buying method.

The non-fungible token has allowed the developer to build a gaming model which attracts investors and players on a single platform. The gaming industry has all the ingredients like community, use of virtual currency, and collectibles, which are required for the success of any cryptocurrency.

Nick Peroni, an online business entrepreneur, has developed a popular platform in the Philippines and Brazil among investors and gamers. His effort is to create a sustainable play-to-earn model in the form of Cryptogodz NFT. 

To know more about this platform, read this post till the end.

About Cryptogodz Platform:

This website is a gaming platform that allows Gamers to earn while playing the game. Investors can buy Godz token as an investment in digital assets and gain from its valuation increase. 

The P2P NFT game is based on a multiplayer online game like Dota 2 and uses superheroes to kill monsters of different kinds. The players can earn tokens as a reward during the play, but they must first acquire the character.

To play the game, Cryptogodz NFT character Sentz is required, which can either be purchased directly from the marketplace or by transmuting ancient stones which one can get from Godzshop.

Cryptogodz Gameplay:

Players will have to first get hold of the character Sentz, a 3D character of the game. It can be used to kill creatures like Umbra’s and fight Sentz Duels, which will allow players to earn godz tokens.

Players have the chance to win Trinity key for completing their daily quest, like winning the battle with Sentz and performing sign-ins. Trinity key, along with 20 godz, can give them a chance to win Sentz item, token and Ancient stone chest.

Cryptogodz NFT Price and Supply:

The Cryptogodz is a BEP-20 coin based on Binance Smart Chain, and its IDO launch was done on Pancake swap. The company plans to inject only 20 million tokens into the system through minting, and the rest is to be earned by playing. 

The sale proceeds from the marketplace will directly go into the reserve of the community treasury. The auto-buy and sale trigger is an effort by the developer to keep the price of the token stable in the long run.

  • Price: The token value has risen from $0.337786 on 16th November to $4.64 on 20th November.
  • Supply: Cryptogodz NFT has a total supply of 74,000,000 in the market at present.

How to buy Cryptogodz Token?

Investors can sign in as an account holder with Binance and purchase BNB coins. A wallet is needed for any crypto purchase, so install it and open an account.

One needs to go to Pancakeswap and connect their wallet, and swap Godz for the given number of BNB coins.

Final verdict:

There is an excellent earning opportunity for investors on the Cryptogodz  platform. As the promoter of the website is known, the trust factor increases for the people. 

After its listing, the currency has appreciated a lot, so people should research before investing in Cryptogodz NFT. Gamers and investors can share their thoughts on the Godz coin in the comment section below.

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