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Cryst Wordle {July} Hints To Guess 398 Correct Answer!

The below write-up helps you guide with the Cryst Wordle definition. It also helps you in guessing the correct 398 puzzle answer.

Hey Puzzle Lovers! Did you know wordle updates a new word daily at midnight? Many worldwide players remain active because of their fantasy and curiosity for solving puzzles. Regularly many new players are joining the game. So, they are a little bit confused due to unfamiliar words being hinted at by the wordle. 

Players from Canadathe United Statesthe United Kingdom, and Australia want to know the meaning of their guessed word Cryst Wordle for a 398 puzzle game. So, let’s start with detailing the July 22 answer.

Is this the correct answer for 398 wordles (July 22)?

No, the correct answer for the 398 puzzle game is “TRYST”. Many puzzle solvers have guessed the wrong word as CRYST. This happened due to confusion between the meanings and hints for the wordle answer.

But, as many players have guessed this word, so does it contain any meaning that many have thought for this word and filled the tiles as assuming the correct answer. Let’s find out the meanings of the guessed word and the correct answer!

Know the Tryst and Cryst Definition!

  • Meaning of Tryst – A personal meeting of lovers is known as a Tryst. This time wordle has suggested a word that only a few are aware of as this is rarely used by anyone. 
  • Meaning of Cryst –this word does not have any proper meaning in itself. But, it is connected with two different meaningful words. 
  • Christ is used as a symbolic word for the god Jesus. 
  • Crystalline – Cryst can be abbreviated for this word. Anything composed or made up of crystals is termed crystalline.

Therefore, we can say “No” to the trending question: Is Cryst a Word? Therefore, this guessed word cannot be a correct answer for July 22, 398. 

Hints for Solving Puzzle 398!

  • Look at the major hint for the meanings and other suggested letters. 
  • The starting and ending letter is “T”, meaning a romantic meeting of lovers. 
  • Still, if you cannot guess the correct answer, look for more hints, as in between the word, the very uncommon letter is used, i.e., “Y”.
  • Hence, the filled tiles are – T_Y_T. 
  • Now, you can think of a word which consists of these letters in suggested places. 

And, there, you guessed the right answer as “TRYST”.

Why Is Cryst Wordle Trending?

Due to the hype of this wordle game, many players are joining this puzzle-solving crazy game every second. And, as the new joiners come hence the confusion rises among them. But, as they get into this game, they start solving it easily and become familiar with many new words. 

The Last Words

Based on our case study, we can say that the correct answer for 398 words is Tryst. The word Cryst does not contain any proper meaning itself, so it cannot be a correct guess

Have you also guessed the Cryst Wordle for the 398 puzzle? Please share your guessed answer via comments. 

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