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Cscto conect.com (July 2021) Get Reliable Details Here!

Cscto conect.com (July 2021) Get Reliable Details Here! >> This article provides information about the news website & tells you about its trust score and legitimacy.

Do you read the news articles and take regular updates from the Cscto connect website? are you looking for the legitimacy of the website? Well, nowadays, the number of online newsreaders is increasing day by day in India. One of them is Cscto connect.

In this article, we will give you the information about Cscto conect.com and tell you whether it’s a legit site or not. So let’s get started.

What is CsctoConnect?  

Csctoconnect is a portal where you can find different news articles like education, gadgets, politics, and many more. This portal covers the news of India only, and you can find all the necessary information and articles regarding the education system and examinations. 

We notice that all the articles and blogs published in this article are written by only one person and connected with different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

What are the contents you can find on Cscto conect.com?

On this website, you can find different news article and most of them is about the education-related like the entrance exam of SBI apprentice, SSC results of class 10th and many more. There’s also a search column given on the right side where you can search some any article. 

You can also find the categories, which include:

  • Sports
  • Gaming 
  • Online form 
  • Results 
  • Government policies and schemes

Is Csctoconnect a legit website?

Sure, the website provides news articles and day-to-day updates which is happening in the country. However, is the legit and safe for the users? We researched the Cscto conect.com and found out some facts that clear your doubt regarding it. 

  • The domain age of the website is one month and 23 days. 
  • The trust score of this website is very low, i.e., 1% only. 
  • The server address of the website locates the site in San Francisco, California. 
  • There isn’t any customer review on this website. 
  • This website is secure from the hacker, and also your information will stay encrypted like your credit card number or any other necessary details. 

After checking all the information and facts, we can say that the site is suspicious. 

Who operates the Csctoconnect website?

In the ‘About Us’ section of Cscto conect.com, we found that Akhil Sharma runs this website as he is responsible for putting up all the information and article on this website. It is also mentioned that Akhil has a youtube channel too which is CSCTO CONNECT. 

You can also follow the web site’s page on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Click on this link to more information regarding CSCTO CONNECT and its articles  

Final Verdict 

With all the information, we can conclude that the Csctoconnect is a recently opened website, and because of the low trust score, this site seems suspicious. However, many other sites like Cscto conect.com can give daily updates and trust.

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