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Salary For A CSM Certified In Dubai

Scrum is a practical framework that uses best practices to finish Agile projects on schedule. Scrum is a practice that can be applied to any business in any sector. This universal applicability of Scrum principles is the main cause of the high demand for certified Scrum Masters.

Companies are hiring Scrum Masters to complete their projects on time and accelerate the time to market their goods. The Scrum Master’s salary across all industries is one of the most critical factors in why professionals are seriously considering this job. 

What’s the Starting Salary Of A Scrum Master In Dubai?

A thorough understanding of the Agile framework is an added benefit if you are a professional who has just begun your Scrum Master career or is starting a CSM training in Dubai after gaining considerable experience in project management and software development. 

Scrum Masters need to spend the first few years learning and embracing Agile & Scrum practices. During this crucial period, they must focus only on honing their skills and getting better at their job. 

However, if you have worked in a technical capacity before doing CSM training in Dubai, you likely have some understanding of how the process goes about. You can also get a sense of the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master by participating in relevant projects early on.

The initial salary of a Scrum master in Dubai is quite good. According to salary experts, the average salary of a Scrum master with 0-3 years of experience in Dubai is AED 282,886/year. This is 3% more than the typical scrum master salary package in the United Arab Emirates (+8,356 USD).

What Is the Average Salary for a CSM Certified In Dubai?

According to Payscale, the average Scrum Master salary in Dubai is around AED 238k/year. 

Traditionally, only IT and financial firms recruited Scrum Masters. However, now Scrum Masters are hired in media, telecom, construction, education, healthcare, and government sectors. The salary of a Scrum Master rises as they advance beyond entry-level positions.

Due to the success of Scrum in boosting productivity, it is being accepted and adopted by corporations, big and small, across industries. Getting CSM training in Dubai can greatly help you advance your career and upgrade your salary packages in the UAE. 

Scrum Master Career Path And Expected Salary 

Here are a few job profiles you can consider after starting your career as a Certified Scrum Master in Dubai. 

Agile Coach

Agile coach is a good career choice for a Scrum master who is already managing multiple teams and projects and is looking to take up a bigger challenge. To become an Agile coach, you need to be an expert in helping teams adopt Agile smoothly and inspire organizations to shift to Agile. 

An Agile coach gets an average salary of AED 343,300 per annum in Dubai, according to Glassdoor. 

Knowing Scrum thoroughly is essential when beginning a career as an Agile Coach. In addition, one must be an expert in teaching, consulting, and guiding organizations in adopting Scrum and Agile methodologies.  

Product Owner

As a Scrum master, you will gain a lot of experience in product development by working closely with the product development team. If you have a keen interest in the end product and are inclined toward helping the team deliver a better product, then you must consider becoming a Product owner.  

As a product owner, instead of deciding the Agile procedures that will be used to create the product, you play a significant role in establishing the how, why, and what of the product.

It’s an interesting job if one has an interest. The average Scrum product owner’s salary in Dubai is AED 39,000/ mo, according to Glassdoor. 


Scrum Masters who have had valid CSM training in Dubai can choose to become a Mentor to other Scrum Masters. After gaining considerable experience as a Scrum Master, one can take the role of Mentor and guide other Scrum Masters to become self-reliant and effective at their job! 

Product Manager

A product manager is pertinent to the success of any project. A Project Manager overlooks the entire project from the planning stage until the product is delivered. 

Having the skills and experience of being a Scrum Master can be an added advantage for a manager as it will help you better manage conflicts and obstacles within the team.

Transformation Expert

By coaching Scrum teams, management teams, and customer organizations, a transformation expert plays a significant part in the development and evolution of an organization. 

A Transformation Expert must be knowledgeable about business agility and change management techniques for significant transformation to advise at the managerial or executive level.


Scrum Master Certification opens many career opportunities with better pay and benefits. Find the right CSM training in Dubai and kickstart your career as a Scrum Master. 

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