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Curative COVID Vaccine (Feb) All The Information Here!

Curative COVID Vaccine (Feb) All The Information Here! >> This article gives you vital details about an incident at a vaccination site. Please check what happened at the spot.

Curative COVID Vaccine refers to the latest event at the vaccination site of DoubleTree in Danvers where the Curative vaccines were being offered. After reports of extra doses gained traction, a crowd was witnessed at this center, making it quite popular and trendy.

If you’re interested in obtaining all the crucial information about this event, please keep reading. We will reveal all the relevant information and additional details about this event and give you authentic information. 

This term has gained a significant amount of popularity in the related country where it took place, the United States

About Curative COVID Vaccine

DoubleTree is a site in Danvers where vaccination is being carried out safely. The company had some additional vaccines to offer to other candidates and push up their appointments. A noticeable crowd was witnessed at this center.

Curative has been instrumental in fighting against this infection in Danvers. At the Doubletree location, it has partnered up with several healthcare workers. It claims to have distributed about 7000 vaccines and has been effective in getting the people vaccinated. Some people were able to get vaccinated without any appointments, which caused a stir among the crowd and the people in the United States.

How have users reacted to the Curative COVID Vaccine event?

  • Users weren’t pleased with the crowd turnout at this center, calling it unsafe.
  • People claimed that ineligible candidates were getting vaccinated without appointments if they had a senior citizen with them.
  • There were reports that on-site appointments were also being made.
  • This event gained a lot of traction and also found popularity on social media platforms.

How have officials reacted to it?

Curative quickly made some remarks about this issue after several users started complaining about it. 

  • The company has said that additional doses were available at a vaccination site.
  • They decided to offer these vaccines to registered candidates.
  • They pushed up the appointment dates of several candidates by a week or so to make use of the Curative COVID Vaccine and not let them go to waste.
  • It vaccinated the appointments set for that day along with those scheduled for later.
  • The extra doses resulted from the cancellation of appointments in the near past due to bad weather.
  • Doses for people who didn’t show up or cancel their appointments were saved, and they decided to use them efficiently.
  • They claim to have all the necessary means to vaccinate and control a big crowd.
  • It was the primary reason behind the crowding at this vaccination center.

Final Verdict

The vaccination center DoubleTree for Curative COVID Vaccine found itself under the spotlight after a noticeable crowd was seen at this center. The news spread that ineligible people were able to get vaccinated without appointments. It was later revealed that people took advantage of a loophole to get vaccinated; all the relevant information is given above. 

Do you know someone who had to face difficulties because of it? Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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  1. I am a 73 yr old Widow. capable of surfing internet..I spent solid 10/12 hrs Thurs when I was eligible for vaccine.. Each time there was a slot open all sites let me ( Curative and Pro Med) fill out some information then would shut me down w/ either message site ends or mostly no slots available..This was so disappointing.. Need help making an appt

  2. We are a couple, I am 73 and my husband is 75. We are so frustrated! I was signed up to get the vaccine from my endocrinologist and the state of DE took all 300 shots and I was shut out. My name is Jacqueline Boyd and I am 73, I have had cancer twice, uterine and kidney, and I take thyroid medication. My husband Howard Boyd is 75, has COPD, had a triple bypass and also takes thyroid medication. Please help us, we are signed up everywhere! My email is artistsong@verizon.net and my phone number is 240-422-6744. Please someone respond! Thank you so much, Jacqueline Boyd

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