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Get To Know Everything About Custom Lightsaber

If you are excited about the upcoming Star Wars movie, you will want a custom lightsaber. However, if you are new to this fantastic world of lightsabers, then start with the basics.

The lightsaber is an iconic weapon of one of the most popular franchises of all time, and for a good reason. You have a sword that can cut through anything, cool sound effects, and it’s just fun to use against people. However, a lightsaber is much more than an excellent prop. It’s a piece of equipment that has an endless number of possible uses. These custom sabers or batons, as they are often called, can do everything from giving you killer workout sessions to helping you build your Jedi skills!

With this article, I will be delving into the world of a custom lightsaber. I will start by explaining a lightsaber and why it should be in your life.

What is a custom lightsaber?

In the galaxy far, far away, it’s a common practice for Jedis and Sith to carry a special weapon called a lightsaber. This is a glowing sword that can cut through almost anything. It’s not quite as powerful as the Force, but it makes up for this with sheer awesomeness. You’ll know it as the weapon you see in all your favorite Star Wars movies and shows, or at least recognize it as a sword that looks like someone has put on an LED light show.

The lightsaber comes from the original film trilogy(or Phantom Menace), where it was gifted to the character Anakin Skywalker. In the prequel trilogy(the second part of these films), this lightsaber is given to Luke Skywalker, who uses it for more than just cutting things up.

Why should custom lightsabers be in your life?

As you may have guessed, the lightsaber is similar to a standard sword. However, since it’s made of light, it’s a lot more powerful. This means you can chop through almost anything with it. Seriously, go around your house and see what you can cut with it(don’t cut anything expensive, though).

You can use sabers to do fun stuff like putting on a fantastic light show in the middle of your living room or slashing your way through legions of evil Sith. But that’s not all! The lightsaber can be used for many different purposes, from learning how to build skills as a Jedi to becoming badass at fighting. 


Q. How much does a custom lightsaber cost?

  • If you’re looking for cheap sabers, you’ll have a budget of around $100-$250. This can vary depending on what kind of saber you want and who makes it. It’s also possible to get custom-made lightsabers that cost several thousands of dollars!

Q. Are there better custom lightsabers out there?

  1. Yes, There are better custom sabers, but you’ll have to pay a lot more. The only real difference between these and regular sabers is that they have better parts(like the blade) and looks(like different colors or hilts).

Q. Why should I buy a custom lightsaber?

  • If you’ve watched Star Wars, you know how incredible a lightsaber is. The best thing about these lightsabers is that you can do this yourself. There are tons of tutorials for making your lightsaber, so it’s a great project to work on during the long winter months!

Q. Are custom sabers worth the price?

  • That depends on what you want your saber to do and how much you care about quality. Any lightsaber is worth getting if you’re a Star Wars fan. Also, the quality of your lightsaber depends on the materials you use and how much time you put into building it.

Q. Where can I get a custom lightsaber?

  • To get the best lightsaber, you’re going to have to go online. Tons of different DIY tutorials will show you how to make your saber and where to buy the parts. You can also try purchasing used lightsabers that other people made!

Q. Do custom lightsabers come with a warranty?

  • Yes, all decent-quality sabers will come with a warranty of some sort. This ensures you won’t waste money on getting your blade fixed or replaced under normal conditions(as long as it isn’t for things like accidentally dropping it or the cat eating it). However, the warranty on these can vary quite a lot.

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