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Dababy Comments Quote {Aug} Complete Useful Information!

Dababy Comments Quote {Aug} Complete Useful Information! >> This article provided you detail about the comments made by a famous rapper that are currently in trend.

Do you know about Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, a famous rapper and songwriter in the United States? His fans call him DaBaby. Do you know about wise, motivational and inspirational quotes by DaBaby? Do you know that a few days back, his comments on stage had put him in controversies?

In this article, we will have a look at his comments, quotes and recent criticism. So, let us get started by scrutinizing Dababy Comments Quote.

Who is DaBaby?

DaBaby is a famous recording artist. DaBaby was born on 22nd December 1991 in Ohio in Cleveland. Three million dollars is estimated net worth of DaBaby. He won seven awards and was nominated to 28 different awards too. 

He started his career in music in 2014. He became popular with his Baby on Baby album released in 2019. Since then, he has released many popular albums and songs, including Baby Sitter, Cash Shit, Suge, Kirk, Bop, Rockstar, Cry Baby, For the Night, What’s Poppin remix, and many more.

About Dababy Comments Quote:

About his work, he quoted, “Everything is organic. I got the wordplay, I got the vocabulary to really, really rap.” He also said that, “Some songs I rap before the beat even play and I enjoy doing that. I like walking the beat down.” And “I definitely am the best rapper alive, mark my words.” are few examples of his dedication.

But recently, at a music festival – Rolling Loud Miami, he made homophobic comments asking the audience to wave their cellphones in the air with lights switched on if they are not suffering from any sexually transmitted diseases. Dababy Comments Quote also asked the audience to wave their cellphones in the air also if they are not lesbians and gays. 

Effects of DaBaby’s comments:

Most of his comments, like “I like pressure.” were liked by his fans and were inspirational. But, his recent homophobic comments had pushed him into trouble. Within 24 hours, he was removed from three major music festivals, including Chicago’s Lollapalooza event.

This Monday, on his Instagram post, he posted apologies twice. He said that his comments were twisted and misunderstood on the internet. On Instagram, Dababy Comments Quote that social media is fast enough that people demolish you before you get the opportunity to educate (or) learn from your mistakes and to grow. He thanked people for their kindness, offering wisdom and education about his comments. 


DaBaby had stood as a role model for his fans and motivated them by his quotes. However, we understand that he should have exercised caution regarding his saying on gays and lesbians. He said that his fans come from all walks of life, including gays and people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases. As you are intellectual, we leave judging Dababy Comments Quote on your decree.

Read DaBaby’s quotes here .

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