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Dad Reviews Daughters Restaurant

Dad Reviews Daughters Restaurant >> In this article, we are explaining a dad’s fantastic cum funny experience on the local eatery shop as owned by her eighteen months daughter.

Do you have a daughter who is still wearing diapers but an excellent business owner? Do you want to know about such a talented daughter? Then, let us have a look at the Dad Reviews Daughters Restaurant. 

The experience of a dad at the daughter’s eatery shop went on viral over social media and has become the most searched topic in the United States. In this article, we will get to know about the dad, daughter’s restaurant, and what happened with dad as a customer at a toddler-owned business. 

A funny food critique was posted by Christophe Kyle of his daughter’s restaurant. 

But still, the experience is not so excellent but the hilarious one with the little one. Let us have a look at the Dad Reviews Daughters Restaurant to know about the entire customer’s experience of Chris Kayle as a customer at Kav’s Kitchen. 

Who is the lucky dad of this adorable daughter?

Chris Kayle has a daughter who is eighteen months old but prowess to run a business. She is an enterprising tot and owns a business at home. He is a proud support of a company owned by the little one.  

Hats off to her dad for purchasing a fantastic kitchen set, and now, she is the self-righteous proprietor of this pretty small but fabulous kitchen. After the proper establishment of the local restaurant currently, Dad took the initiative to give an honest as well as a hilarious review of his daughter’s eatery on the social media outlet.

He continued and said that he tried to support the business as owned by a small black kid and explained everything in the caption of his Instagram account.  

Moreover, he also posted the cutest picture of the business scenario along with her 18 months old kid. This cheeky photo has taken at the “eating place” as the Lil cook looks to be working so hard for her business. 

He shared that this business was currently established at the end of April, which is totally spotless establishment. He also disclosed info about the owner of that newly developed eatery business.

Dad Chris Kyle’s experience for having lunch at Kav’s kitchen as a customer

Kyle went to his daughter’s eatery to have lunch and enjoy the services of Lil business owner. He shared the entire scenario on Instagram through a short and precise post.

To begin with, he saw balloons on the chair, but it was not his birthday, though. He wrote, “She talm’bout, mind yah business; those are Mommy’s.”

Prank!! Too funny she is.

Also, Chris Kayle wrote that he had been waiting for his order for 45minutes as the time assigned by the cook, and he is the only consumer over there. Then, he observed, “She was making good progress at first, and then stopped for 20 minutes to go watch her favorite show “Paw Patrol”.

I guess she is right at her place as cartoon break is immensely fair and required at a toddler-established business! 

Despite the setbacks, Chris continues supporting black-owned businesses

Although the dad was less impressed with the customer experience at Kav’s Kitchen, in the end, the personality of the young restaurateur won the heart of Chris Kayle. Overall better customer service is required, but the cook is too cute to handle. 

Still, dad will give her another chance due to her efforts in the very beginning. He wrote, “Let’s not give up on Black Businesses so fast after one mistake.”  

Caught token of love and attention from the online users over Instagram 

As the post was updated by dad Chris Kayle on Instagram, so chunks of people reacted on the post and expressed their thoughts as well as opinions about the black-owned business.

Various websites cover this comic story. 

People wrote, “This is the cutest thing” @messi911 in the comments. 

@ellsethsmith wrote, “We love your dad!! Your daughter is so perfect.”

In this Instagram post, as updated on May 23, he observed that Ava’s overall efforts to run her business as a Lil Kid. 

The post had gathered over 30,000+ hearts on Instagram at the time of publication. 

Thus, all people review on this comical post is adorable and super funny as people wrote all positive about it.  

Bottom Line

After going through Dad Reviews Daughters Restaurant on Instagram, it can be concluded that it is not a real business, but this cool dad took the place of dining seriously. The entire review by Chris Kayle is an honest one and grabs viral fame over the web. 

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