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Damaged Slate Stone Genshin {Feb} Find Location To Gain!

The article on Damaged Slate Stone Genshin is about a quest item in Genshin Impact’s game. Read it to know the details.

What is Genshin? What is a damaged stone slate? Is Genshin Impact a video game?

We have seen in the past decade how much the gaming industry has boomed. One of the reasons is people’s interest and availability of devices to play games. Big gaming companies are always on the hunt to find new game creators. 

People from the Philippines and the United States wanted to know about the Damaged Slate Stone Genshin.

What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a video game developed by the company miHoYo. As a first-generation virtual reality game, Genshin Impact has been in development for over three years and has gone through several stages of design iteration.

The game is an action, adventure, and role-playing game. It was released on 28th September 2020. Modes that the game can be played in are multi or single-player. Genshin is available on different platforms, for example, iOS, windows, android, Playstation (4 and 5), and Nintendo switch.

The producers and composers of the game are CaiHaoyu and Yu-Peng Chen, respectively. 

What is Damaged Slate Stone Genshin?

The game involves many quests and rewards. The players can collect that as they move forward. The Damaged slate stone is also a quest that players can get while playing the game. 

The Damaged stone slate is an item that the player will collect after completing the quest. This object looks like a rock with some carvings. To some people, it may look a bit damaged. However, the rock is said to have some secrets.

In this article, we will talk about how you can get close to this quest? What is the location to find this quest? So, let us find out.

Location of Damaged Slate Stone Genshin

Location to find the slate stone is:

  • Go to the library that could be found in northern island Enkanomiya. 
  • To reach there, you have to use three totems electro, and you can get these electros by finishing the challenge because some totems are locked.
  • After the library, players have to visit an underground location. To get what you want, you need to solve the mirror puzzle. (Make sure your Bokuso Box level is at least 6)
  • Now players have to visit underground ruins. This will be the final location; you will see 2 stones-like slates on the floor as you enter. 

Damaged Slate Stone Genshin is said to have known a secret that one might be searching for. This item or object can be found at several places in Enkanomiya. About 4 to 6 slate stones can be found following the above instructions.


These days, it’s hard to keep up with all of the latest gaming releases. However, we think that this game is worth it because it brings something special to the table – an immersive story that makes it easy for you to forget your surroundings and become fully engaged in the game. 

To know more on this game, click here.  

Do you know more about Damaged Slate Stone Genshin? Please tell us something new below.

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