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Dawn Sword Aut (Sep 2021) What It Is & How To Obtain?

The article on Dawn Sword Aut analyzes the vital information concerning a Sword of an adventurous series game.

Adventurous games are always at the forefront choice of every game lover. Such games not only involve fighting but also keeps us occupied in gaining resources within the games. A game lover is always in search of new characters. Countries such as the Philippines, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are also fond of generating new adventure games and new characters. 

Read the article to understand better an appealing character Dawn Sword Aut of an adventurous series of Japanese artists.

A Brief Introduction of AUT

A Universal Time game, also known as AUT, is a game launched by Universe Time Studio. The game talks about the adventurous journey of a Japanese Artist, Hirohiko Araki. The game was established in 2018, and the gamer got the opportunity to play it from 2020. 

The game has recently launched several new characters in the form of Character Stand, with many features that played an essential role in attracting many game lovers. One such important character is Dawn Sword Aut. One of the crucial reasons for the game’s success is fanbases and fandoms, which is quite an exciting feature for every game lover.

A Few Words about the Dawn Sword

The character is a part of a game known as genuine Impact, part of the World RPG Gacha game. The Stand originated from Charge Fearless Warriors. The character Stand is nothing but a sword. The Stand is a recolor of a claymore sword which is commonly known as Wolf’s Gravestone.

Attainability of the Dawn Sword Aut

The character can be obtained from StuckDev, which is situated near the houses on the mountains where Tales of Universe has been equipped.

Description of the Passive 

The Stand has two Passives- Passive A and Passive B. The name of Passive A is Divine Flames, and the name of Passive B is Resistant. The Stand is resistant to knockback and stun. The Stand can inflict the enemies with flames.

The Move Sets of the Sword

The Move sets have been divided into six moves. The moves are carried out with the help of unique keys. The Stand Dawn Sword Aut can equip the sword. It can move circularly. 

The Stand can use the sword to flash fire three times to check the damages. It also allows the user to create a small explosion by striking the ground with the sword.


The name of the Stand is Dawn, and it is a sword. It has multiple and high ranges of film sets ranging from circulating itself to creating the explosion. It is a stand that would attract many game lovers due to its features and functions. It is advisable to read the article dedicatedly to know about this sword. Visit here if still confused about how to obtain the Sword

Do you want to obtain the Dawn Sword Aut? Would you mind sharing your views below the comment section?

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