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Day1club.Spotify Com [August 2020] What More Can Be Fun?

Day1club.Spotify Com [August 2020] What More Can Be Fun? >> Love to listen to rap music, and that too non-stop great quality, read the article above.

Music has the power to change the world. Digital music streaming platform is being wildly used among the listeners of all over the world. Spotify is one of the most popular and well-known media service providers based in the United States.

Good news for the listeners; they are Streaming day1club.Spotify com for the Hip-Hop lover around the world. So stay tuned with us to get more exciting news regarding this.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a digital music streaming platform that is operated by Spotify AB. A music lover can access it easily by searching online. It has a wide range of music and top artist collection, increasing their fan base in the United States and around the world. You can enjoy the music free, or you can subscribe also. Subscription will give you some benefits.

Day 1 club by Spotify:

RapCavier is the leading playlist on Spotify, and to celebrate the fifth anniversary of RapCavier Spotify, bring day1club.Spotify com to the Hip-Hop fans. It is an exclusive group of fans who have been listening to the artist for a long time.

The club has been brought to provide an ultimate way to prove you have been engaging with an artist early before any listeners. However, it does not mean how many times you have been listening to their song; it’s how long you listened to their song on Spotify.


  • Spotify brings this ultimate platform to show love towards their fans.
  • It is made for fans to highlight the artist whom they have been streaming since day 1 so named as day1club.Spotify com.
  • They are looking for the first 15% fans that are showing love from day 1.
  • There are a different level, i.e., Platinum, Diamond, and Gold.
  • The diamond status will show for the earliest 1-3% listeners for an artist.
  • The platinum status will prove that you are among 4-6% fans for an artist.
  • If you belong to 7-15% listeners, you will get Gold status.
  • There are proper terms & conditions, and age mentioned based on different countries.

What if you do not belong to the first 15% of the listeners?

Do not worry; you can still stream your favorite artist, which you have been listening for the longer time on Spotify. Keep discovering new artists on the RapCavier, and enjoy the music you love.

Terms & Conditions and Policies:

On the page, viewers will find out the legal and privacy policy section, where they can read all the terms & conditions regarding agreements, payments, cancellations, user guidelines, etc. 

There is a section known as “Customer Support” if you have any query about account related and payment related, you can contact them. On the “About Us” page, you can find their official email ID worldwide, or they have provided a link by which you can raise your complaint.

People will find precise details regarding the contract, change to the agreements, trials, service guidelines, etc. on day1club.Spotify com and it seems like this site is accessible, having adequate information to educate the user, and most of all, it proves its legitimacy.

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