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Dazzle Dry Reviews [June] Read Post Before Shopping Here

Dazzle Dry Reviews [June] Read Post Before Shopping Here -> If you are searching for vegan nail polishes, then you must read this article. 

Does the regular nail polish make your nail cuticles dry and you are searching for a high- performance nail care system? Then you must try out Dazzle Dry.

Vegan nail polishes and nail care products are free from toxic chemicals that usually harm your precious cuticles. The health of your nails is just as important as that of your hair or skin, and vegan nail polish will ensure your nails are protected from abrasive materials. 

Through the Dazzle Dry Reviewswe will be telling you about all that this vegan brand from the United States has to offer. This review also aims to provide you with information that will help you decide if the products purchased would be worth your money. 

What is Dazzle Dry?

Dazzle Dry is a vegan nail polish brand set up by bio-organic chemist Dr. Vivian Valenty and nail care specialist Silva Nahabedian. The company was started to provide customers with nail polishes that weren’t health hazards or used chemicals

There was a need to develop everyday natural alternatives for nail care products. They currently offer 148 shades along with products that help in making your home manicure last long. These include nail prep, base coat, and a topcoat. You will also spot oils and serums to take care of your nails. 

There are numerous reviews about the nail paints by Dazzle Dry, and they all speak very positively about it. 

What is unique about Dazzle Dry? 

The brand’s biggest USP is the fact that their nail polishes, as well as the spa range, are all vegan. Vegan nail polishes are known to be non-toxic and have high performance, which means your nails are to remain protected. Often people bite their nails, and on such occasions, it is best to be wearing non-toxic nail polish, so you don’t ingest the toxins. 

The brand’s nail care system was established on 50 years’ worth of scientific research by its creator, bio-organic chemist Dr. Vivian Valenty. This research is probably the reason why it is one of the only nail polish brands that last long and dries in a matter of 5 minutes. 

Don’t believe us? Then you must read reviews of it on the website as well as numerous review sites. The brand’s nail polishes are used at many spas and salons, and you can look up the nearest on the official website. Don’t you think these factors make Dazzle Dry unique? 

Specifications of Dazzle Dry

  • Products- nail polish and nail care systems 
  • Website- https://dazzledry.com/ 
  • Email- orders@vbcosmetics.com
  • Phone number- (480) 814-8300
  • Shipping/processing time- not provided 
  • Delivery time- 3-8 business days 
  • Shipping fee- not mentioned 
  • Return- must be made 30 days of purchase 
  • Exchange- not mentioned 
  • Refunds- contact brand 
  • Payment- can be done online via various methods 

Pros of purchasing from Dazzle Dry

  • All nail paints are derived from a non- toxic formula 
  • The nail paint air dries in 5 minutes 
  • There is no need of using a UV light to dry the gel manicures 
  • All the products are entirely vegan 
  • They have been garnering rave reviews from celebrities and online portals
  • They are being used by many local spa and salons 
  • Their social media pages show how good the manicures are 
  • The brand provides quick deliveries 

Cons of purchasing from Dazzle Dry

  • They want you to purchase the nail system to make nail lacquer last long 
  • The nail paints are expensive 
  • When making returns, you will be charged a 20% restocking fee
  • There are limited colors available 
  • The brand currently only ships within the United States 

Customer reviews of Dazzle dry

Today, being vegan is in trend and has made this nail polish brand a favorite among celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian. They were also called the official pedicure and manicure provider in the year 2018 by Forbes Travel Guide. 

There are also positive comments available on their social media pages as well as the official website. Customers who followed the 4-step nail system talk about their home manicures lasting up to 13 days. They are also very responsive if you are suffering from a problem with your delivery. 

Final Verdict- 

This Dazzle Dry Reviews will have told you that the brand is entirely legit and very active on its social media pages. The reviews available also speak in its favor. Keeping all the information provided in mind, we highly recommend the nail polishes and nail system products by it. 

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