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Dealdash Reviews (Jan 2021) Legit Or Scam?

Dealdash Reviews (Jan 2021) Legit Or Scam? >> Read this content out to know whether auction sites are honest and fair to participate or not!

Are you looking for an auction site? In today’s content, we will share information about a bidding fee auction site named dealdash.com. We would explore Dealdash Reviews in this article. 

People of the United States and Canada show a keen interest in taking part in auctions for bidding. They always look for various platforms for doing an auction. So, let’s gather some details of this platform to know all the specifications of it.

By reading the content till the end, you will surely get to know whether this platform is trustworthy or not. Friends, stay connected with us.

What is Dealdash?

It is a bidding fee auction portal where one can buy the items which are available for bidding. The site has a ‘Buy it Now’ option from which customers can purchase the products. 

It is a famous E-Commerce portal that has 8 million users all around the world. For the past 20 years, this portal has been providing the best bidding offers to customers. To visit the site, one has to make its account with dealdash.com.

The site’s mission is to create an open bidding platform where the person who loses bidding doesn’t have to lose the money they spent on bidding. The site allows the users to try their platform for 90 days, and if they are not satisfied with it, they can demand the company to return their money. 

But before using this platform, you must know about Dealdash Reviews.

Specifications of Dealdash

  • Type of site – it is a bidding fee auction portal
  • Shipping time – all the products available for bidding are shipped within four days.
  • Contact number – not available
  • Address of company – Not mentioned
  • Payment Methods – all credit cards, VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, Discover, Maestro debit card.
  • Delivery time – within ten business days
  • Return – if customers want to return their item, they can contact them within seven days.

Pros of using Dealdash

  • This portal was registered 20 years back.
  • Many people have shared their experiences, so Dealdash Reviews are available online.
  • The site has shared all the details about its working so that every one of us can do bidding easily.
  • The site does not take any fee for a subscription. We have to pay for what we bid.
  • Ninety days money-back guarantee has been offered by the site.

Cons of using DealDash

  • The site has not shared the proper contact details.
  • It does not ship the products to Canada. Their shipping is available only in the USA.

Is Dealdash.com Legit?

Before planning to participate in the DealDash auction, we must be sure about the site’s legitimacy. So firstly, as the site is 20 years old and had got registered its domain on April 20th, 2000, it gives some positive opinion about this auction website on our mind. 

The Dealdash Reviews updated by its users are present adequately online and on social networking sites too. Furthermore, the dealdash.com website has shared many details about the website on the about us page, from its mission, values, and teams to all the necessary policies regarding the website. It had its page on Facebook with 1.3 M followers.

So, DealDash seems to be a legit auction site. The Google play store had given 4.3 stars out of five, which looks quite impressive. You will come across many feedbacks shared by customers online, which seems too real.

What Are People Saying About Dealdash Reviews?

Reviews of the site play a vital role in deciding whether the site is real or fraudulent. While researching Dealdash.com reviews online, we came across much positive feedback from people from the United States and Canada. It has almost 37000 reviews updated on the Apple app store by customers, and all the reviews seem genuine and honest.

The trustpilot.com carries almost 2800 reviews, which are being shared by people who had come across it and found the website to be accurate and genuine. But some sites had shared that over past years dealdash has also received a lot of criticism. 

So, we suggest to the readers that for your safety, try finding more details about Dealdash.com and then bid on any auction.


The Dealdash.com website was registered on April 4th, 2000, and is the old site. Dealdash Reviews are adequately present online, which are almost honest and positive ones. The site has also shared and given a lot about itself, which shows the positive image of the website. 

But it will be more beneficial to you if you go through the Dealdash.com site more thoroughly and explore the site well.

Write down all your doubts below in the comment section. 

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