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Deenet shop Reviews [July 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam?

Deenet shop Reviews [July 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam? -> This post gives a detailed review of a new website that sells kitchen storage products.

Do you plan to shop for kitchen storage online? There may be several websites available today for such items, and one newly launched one is Deenet.shop, which sells kitchen storage products. It is a young website that is only a few days old and so you need to know the Deenet shop Reviews, to shop on this site.

In this post, you will come to know about this new webstore that sells kitchen products like holders and storage items online. Due to the prevalence of online scams nowadays, it becomes crucial for everyone to know the legitimacy of a new store launched in recent times. This webstore belongs to the United States and is quite new on the internet.

We suggest you analyze it correctly through the information given in this article and then proceed further.

What is Deenet.shop?

Deenet.shop is a newly set-up webstore that sells kitchen storage items like Drain dish racks, plastic holders, kitchen organizers, and storage racks, etc. The price range is quite reasonable, and the shipping is free of cost. The items take around 7 to 10 days to get delivered at your doorstep. 

The returns are accepted only within seven days at a United States contact address that is available on the website. A phone number and an email address is also available for the customers to contact. The mode of payment available is only PayPal.

Specifications of Deenet.shop

  • Website type – Online retailer of Kitchen storage items
  • Country – United States
  • Shipping – Free of cost
  • Returns – Within seven days
  • Contact Address – 821, County Street, 2933, Tuttle OK 73089
  • Phone – 912 571 9955
  • Contact Person – Richard Hutchins
  • Email ID – info@deenet.shop
  • Payment method – PayPal
  • Social Media – No presence

Pros of Buying from Deenet.shop

  • A wide range of kitchen storage is available.
  • The shipping cost is free.

Cons of Buying from Deenet.shop

  • A new webstore (launched 25 days ago)
  • No reviews are available on WebOfTrust
  • The contact address available on the website is fake.
  • No association is detected on social media platforms.
  • Payment mode is restricted to only one.

Is Deenet.shop Legit?

The website Deenet.shop was launched around 25 days ago. To know Is Deenet shop Legit or not, we researched the new e-store. The website’s set-up is involved with three countries, and one of them is a high-risk country. That indicates that a lot of illegitimacy is related to this new webstore.

The life span of the website is very short, as it is registered only for 365 days. Well-known websites usually get themselves registered for two years or more. Apart from that, there is no association available with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

There is an https protocol associated with this website, which is usually secure, but scamsters today use a free version and scam people. The contact address available on the website is also a fake one, which can be checked through Google maps. Thus, to know more about Deenet shop Reviews, keep reading further.

What are People Talking about Deenet.shop?

Customers are usually the best source of getting reviews and feedback. Hence, we analyzed the web and searched for reviews related to this new e-store that sells kitchen items. After careful analysis and research, we found only negative feedback available for this new webstore. The people are highly disappointed by the services of this website and warn others to be wary.

There was no positive feedback available anywhere on the web for this new e-store. There were no Deenet shop Reviews available on popular sites like WebOfTrust (WOT) and Trust Pilot. The people who used the website call it fake and warn people to avoid the website, which is a potential threat for your money.

The Final Verdict

Finally, in the end, we conclude that the newly launched webstore selling kitchen storage is not a legit site. It has a lot of hidden information and involves risky countries with its set-up. There are no positive reviews available for the new e-store. People are warning others from using this website for shopping online as it can be threatening for their money.

Hence, we request the new buyers and those looking for kitchen storage items to be careful and avoid using this new website. Such products can be bought from other sites, already on the web for many years, and are considered legit.

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