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Degods NFT {Oct 2021} Complete Useful Information!

Read this article to discover the facts about a newly launched token, Degods NFT and reveal if it is worth the investment or not.

Have you heard of Degods? Is the NFT token worth the investment? What are the drawbacks and benefits of this token? Who are the founders of this NFT?

These all questions might be hitting the mind of investors who are looking forward to investing in the same. This token is famous in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. In this article, all the details about the NFT have been mentioned to clarify the same. 

Explore the headers mentioned below to explore whether Degods NFT is worth the investment or not. 

What are NFTs?

NFTs refer to the non-fungible tokens. These are the non-interchangeable and unique data units stored in the blockchain and represent easily reproduced files. These further includes videos, audio and other related items. 

The first NFT was launched back in 2015 on the ETH blockchain. The hype and interest for the same grew with increased popularity and preference for cryptocurrencies. 

That is why many individual developers have come up with their unique and interesting concepts of NFTs, some of which are appreciated in the market. 

Details about Degods NFT:

Degods, as claimed by their official website, are the 10,000 uniquely engineered Solana NFTs. The token is also known to disrupt the entire NFT space with its unique figure of 33.3. They have further elaborated that this is too good to be true. This says that it is related to the smart contract. 

This says that if you sell the NFT below-minted price or the current price floor, you need to pay an extra tax of 33.3% under the name of Paper hand Bitch Tax. 

What does the roadmap for the token say?

As explore from the roadmap of the Degods NFT mentioned on the official website, it was minted back on 8th Oct 2021, and the price for the same is 3 SOL. They have also said that a new marketplace for the transactions for this token will be launched soon for secondary sale purposes. 

The roadmap also says that they will use proprietary codes for the project’s construction, which will be the coolest NFT compared to the already launched ones.

About Degods Twitter Page:

According to the social media platform of the page, all the tokens for the same are sold out. Degods NFT also has a discord for the same to increase visitors and investors engagement. All the information related to the launch date announcements and other related facts are mentioned and revealed over their official page. 

Final Verdict:

The above headers have mentioned all the details regarding an NFT token launched with the coolest tag. The details about its price and roadmap have been discussed and revealed that this is a new launch, released in October 2021 only. 

Degods Official Platform  will help you know more about their future strategies and plans for better and safe investment. 

Please comment down your views about Degods NFT in the comments section below. 

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