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{Full Watch Video} Del Niño De 8 Años Video Telegram: Check What Is In The Twitter Clip

Our research on the Del Niño de 8 años Video Telegram will inform the readers of the viral Twitter Video of a young child.

Have you seen the recent viral video of an 8-year-old child? The video of the murder of this young figure surfaced everywhere. The Del Niño de 8 años Video Telegram has sparked a controversy Worldwide and people are demanding the protection of the children and justice for the child who was killed brutally by two demons. In this post, we have given reliable information on this case and the readers can get a complete outlook on this topic. 

About Del Niño de 8 años Video Telegram

As per online sources, a video surfaced online in which two people killed an eight-year-old boy. His name was not revealed publicly, but the boy was living with her uncle and aunt by his father’s will. The lady and the man killed their nephew brutally as per sources. The video of this murder surfaced on many social media sites raising criticism and people are demanding justice for the child. The online sources revealed that the kid died on January 12 this year. The video of murder surfaces on social media sites like Telegram, but it may not be present now due to safety concerns.

Video Del Niño de 8 años Dominicano

According to online reports, a couple in the Dominican Republic murdered an eight-year-old kid. They were González Rojas and Carmen Jimenez who were arrested for killing an innocent child. In the video, it can be seen that they were hitting the child brutally and the child was screaming. They hit him so hard that his soul left the body and he is no more with us. The investigation team arrested the couple for this heinous crime and the investigation is going on in this matter. They were arrested on January 16 and the court ordered around eighteen months of preventive detention.

Video Del Niño de 8 años Dominicano

Video Del Niño de 8 años Twitter

This murder case received so much attention from the people and even the President of the country spoke on this matter. The video of the arrest of this couple surfaced on Twitter, but the original video of the murder cannot be found as this video is quite sensitive and the readers who are willing to see the video may find it after in-depth research on it. We have seen various tweets related to this incident on Twitter, but the video should not be shared anyhow as it may have a poor impact on society. The investigation is still ongoing on the matter of the Video Del Niño de 8 años Twitter. We must wait for the authorities to come up with some details related to the couple and what they have spoken till now.

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Injuries to the child! 

As per the online reports, the child succumbed to many injuries on his body. It was revealed that the child had around 140-150 wounds all over his body. His six teeth were broken. As the child was hitten brutally, the child lost his life due to septic shock, hypovolemic, and hemorrhagic. This child was innocent and lost his life only because of his relatives. The culprits should not be spared and there must be strict remand sessions for these two people responsible for the Video Del Niño de 8 años Dominicano

Injuries to the child

We will keep you updated when more details on this case will be revealed. For now, the remad session is still under process. There have been no reports on the matter till now after their arrest took place. So, the readers should wait until all the details are revealed.


Wrapping up this research here, we have suggested all the valuable details on the viral video of a young child who is 8 years old only. The murder of a kid in the Dominican Republic shook the world and we hope that justice will be served soon.

What are your opinions on the Del Niño de 8 años Video Telegram? Please let us know in the comment section below.

DISCLAIMER: We do not intend to highlight the brutality but our motive is to provide all the relevant details related to this matter. Kindly consider this research for informative purposes only.

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