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Denis Lucey Governor {Aug} Get Complete Information!

This article provides information about Denis Lucey Governor candidate on the ballot in California elections scheduled to be held in September 2021.

Do you want to know about Denis Lucey? Did you know he is contesting for Governor Election in California? What are the agenda on which Denis is focused? Which party does he represent? Do you want to know his background? What is his current occupation? You may have browsed the internet; but, was it difficult to find full information about Denis?

We bring answers to all your questions in this article. By reading this article, you will know all the required information about Denis Lucey Governor candidate, which is eagerly looked forward to by people in the United States.

Who is Denis Lucey?

Currently, Denis Lucey is a teacher at Santa Rosa City Schools. Denis lives in San Francisco Bay Area. He completed his education in BS Marketing and finance in 1978 from the University of California, Berkeley. In the early days of his career from 1983 till 1993, Denis was the owner of a business dealing in Commercial Retailer of Computer and Office Machine Supplies. From 1994 he served in various occupations as a Stock Broker, Insurance Agent, Teacher, Taxi Driver, and Caregiver. 

Denis Lucey Governor:

During his tenure as a teacher, Denis cherish a girl from kindergarten who inspired him to write a letter on Family Law to President Obama on 11th January 2013. Denis’s agenda for the current Governor election in California also focuses on Family Laws. So, let us review more details about it below.

  • Firstly, Denis Lucey is a 61-year-old independent candidate for Governor. 
  • Denis is on the general election’s ballot, which is scheduled to be on 14th September 2021.
  • He hopes to bring reforms in Family Law and Divorce Court if he becomes the Governor.
  • Denis Lucey Governor candidate, supports fifty percent of child custody rights, stops parental alienation, and defends children’s right to love each parent equally.
  • He focuses on decrease Divorce Trauma caused upon Children.
  • He wants to lead an organization that can help in voter initiative to amend the constitution of California.
  • He believes that politicians and lawyers have commercialized the requirement to hire a lawyer to defend parents’ rights. Hence, he aims to eradicate it.
  • He believes that parent’s rights should be an outcome of an initiative of all voters of the country. As per Denis Lucey Governor candidature, it can be achieved by the initiative of people to defend Equal Protection Clause.


The manifesto of this candidate in the California Governors’ recall election , looks decent and aims at improving family law. He wants to bring changes in California law to eradicate the suffering of children. His agenda will improve the life of an individual during his childhood. 

We understand that you are a responsible voter. Hence, we leave the final verdict about Denis Lucey at your discretion. 

Did you find the manifesto of Denis Lucey Governor candidate substantial for this election? Please share your views.

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