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Depedconnect com (July 2021) Get Detailed Information!

Depedconnect com (July 2021) Get Detailed Information! >> This article gives you brief information regarding the initiative by an Education Department and people’s opinions regarding it.

Are you looking for information regarding the Depedconnect initiative? Do you want to know what depedconnect means is and why other organizations are supporting this initiative? This initiative is related to teaching and is supported by the departments in the Philippines.

This article will tell you about the motive behind Depedconnect com and why it is helpful for the teacher and students. So let’s find out.

About Depedconnect Initiative

The initiative is about distributing the sim cards and connectivity loads to the teaching and non-teaching staff to resume the learning process and ease of communication. In Covid-19, where teachers and students can’t communicate with each other, this initiative by the department of education will ease the work. 

The ROs and SDOs are responsible for distributing sim cards and shall be delivered from 05th July to 16th July 2021. You can register yourself at Depedconnect com, and recently when we checked the official, it couldn’t open at it takes too much of response time. 

Why is the official site of depedconnect not working?

When someone tries to register for the sim card, they know that the site is not working. Unfortunately, we don’t have the information on when and why this happens, but at present, the official site is not opening. 

 The common reason behind the problem is that the server may be down or traffic on that site, resulting in the crashing down of the site. We will update the page when we find the reason for the problem. 

How to register in Depedconnect com?

If you are one of the teaching staff and want to register yourself with the official site, then you will need to follow these steps:

  • First, you need to open the official site, i.e., https://depedconnect.com.ph/.
  • After opening the official site, you will see a form-like page in which you need to fill up your details. 
  • The details include name, address, school ID, school name, work address, and other necessary information. 
  • Then in the next step, you need to select the Pickup schedule. 
  • After that, there will your health survey related to covid-19.

People’s opinion regarding this initiative

The teaching staffs are pleased with this initiative of Depedconnect com as it will help them save some money and the services are uninterruptable. Also, the DICT, i.e., the department of information and communication technology, supported the initiative. Furthermore, there will be no charge on this facility as teachers can easily continue their classes online. 

People from areas like the Philippines and other areas’ departments also supported the cause so that the children can gain knowledge that got left out because of the Covid-19. Check this link for information regarding DepEd learning 

Wrapping it up 

After considering all the facts, we can conclude that the Depedconnect com is a good decision taken by the department of education to provide and continue teaching the children.

Have you already registered with the site? Please share your views below-

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