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Destiny Mastercard Reviews [July] Is The Business Legit?

Destiny Mastercard Reviews [July] Is The Business Legit? -> In this article, you read about the legitimacy of a Mastercard, offering you multiple benefits in a single card. 

We have seen some significant changes around us, be it in the digital field or physical. Every industry is growing at a good pace. These changes are beneficial both for the brands or firms, and customers as well. They make their working easy, thus utilizing less time than desired. 

In this article, we have mentioned about Destiny Mastercard Reviews. A credit card, with all the facilities and benefits of a Mastercard. People in the United States are looking forward to the same. Many people there have sent their application for the card. 

They are appreciating the same and also referring it to others. Below in this article, we have mentioned some specifications, pros, and cons of the same. They will give you clarity on Destiny Mastercard, thus clearing all your doubts regarding the same.

We have specified all the essential information regarding Is Destiny Mastercard Legit? 

After going through this article, you will be able to conclude whether it can be trusted.

What is Destiny Mastercard?

Getting issued a credit card is still a tedious task for many people. It requires a lot of formalities, and one needs to fill a lot of forms to get the same. 

Destiny Mastercard thus solves this problem for you. The issue you the credit card with the least formalities. You need not have a strong credit score to get the same. They provide you the same within a few days. 

Also, being a credit card, it possesses all the benefits of a master card. They report your account history to three major credit bureaus and then proceed with the process further. 

The site has claimed that its only aims at customer satisfaction. Customers are their priority, and they will always work according to their feasibility. 

In Destiny Mastercard Reviews below, we have mentioned some points that will give you more clarity.

Specifications of Destiny Mastercard:

  • Website: Issues credit cardand other cards with the least formalities.
  • Email: https://www.destinycard.com
  • Address: 15220 NW Greenbrier, Suite 200, OR 97006
  • Contact Number: 97076-4477
  • Its customer will receive the card within 14 days.

Pros of Destiny Mastercard:

  • The company issues you the card with the least formalities. 
  • The firm does not require any personal information.
  • Anyone can easily qualify to get the card, irrespective of their earlier records.

Cons of Destiny Mastercard:

  • You can only apply for one card at a time.
  • They do not offer a balance transfer option.
  • The site has not mentioned anything about their policies.

How to get Destiny MasterCard?

You can apply for the card by filling the form they have specified on their webpage. You must be 18 years old or more to use the same. Also, you must have a verified physical address and a social security number. You can only go for one account at a time. 

Member FDIC and First Electronic Bank thus issue the card. You can also check if you’re pre-qualified for the same or not. You need to fill a pre-qualification form for the same, and thesite will declare your result within a few hours.

Also, the site has mentioned that it is the best option for imperfect credit scores. They have specified that they will record all the past bank histories of their customers.

You can also build a good credit score through this card by maintaining all your payments and paying them before the due date. This will also make you eligible for further more benefits offered by the company. 

By keeping your payments well, you can also get better mortgage rates, car loan rates, and many other benefits.

The site also offers chip cards to their customers. You can easily use the same without any risk of fraud. It would help if you scanned the chip to make any transactions, also assuring authorized transactions.

Customer Reviews on Destiny Mastercard:

The site has not mentioned any reviews of its customers on its webpage. This thus makes the site suspicious. It makes it difficult for customers to trust the same.

In this article about Destiny Mastercard Reviews, we have mentioned some reports by its customers to clarify the same.

Customers are not much satisfied with the site. They have written that they do not provide all services, and some of them offered are also not up to the mark. 

They have written that the company has mentioned some false statements on their site, and is not following them. 

Final Verdict:

After reviewing the site, we can conclude that there are chances of this site being not legit. They may offer you great deals initially, but they may not be able to stand on them with the passing time.

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  1. The Destiny Mastercard, is the worst card that I have ever applied for. It is inconvenient, trying to make a payment. Everything about this card is an inconvenience. Take my word for it. It has nothing to offer you, but maybe to help mess up your credit.

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