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Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4 {Jan 2022} Know How To Fix!

This article describes a technical glitch while playing the most popular one-person shooting game and its solutions. Read on Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4.

Are you facing any technical glitches while playing a popular shooting game? If yes, keep reading this article until the end to understand all the relevant information. 

Gamers Worldwide are frustrated due to the frequent gaming issue while starting the game and in the middle of the game. The gamers struggled in-between games as this glitch restricted the regular gaming access.  Continue reading this article to know about the technical malfunction and the practical solutions for the Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4.

About Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a popular first-person shooting game published by Activision. There were different developers for Call of Duty, including Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software, etc. The initial version was released on 29th October 2002, and there has been a massive surge in users.

Call of Duty supports various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, GameCube, OS X, Nokia N-Gage, Play Stations, Wii, Xboxes, iOS, Blackberry, J2ME and Android. As per the latest official information, the Call of Duty gaming series has a record sale of more than 400 million copies.

Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4

  • The technical glitch that troubled gamers recently is the error present in the Modern Warfare version of the game. The Modern Warfare version was released in 2007.
  • The impressive gaming features of Modern Warfare helped to create a different fan base.
  • “DEV ERROR 6039” started creating various gaming issues for players, including high loading time.
  • “DEV ERROR 6039” mainly occurs while initiating multiplayer gaming on the device.
  • The technical glitch is caused either due to the game developer’s issue or the network or connectivity-related issue from the PC.

How to Fix the Error?

Follow these steps given below to fix Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4;

  • Temporary files, data and caches often create technical glitches when this pile up to a massive amount after a long period.
  • Simply clearing the caches present in the console or removing the caches present in the PC can fix many common errors. The steps involved in fixing the glitches vary from device to device.
  • Steady internet connectivity and a PC with the minimum technical requirements recommended by the developers help solve many major issues.
  • PS4 users don’t have any default console-designed option to clear the cache. Read more about the Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4.
  • To clear the cache, users first need to turn off the PS4. Moreover, when the indicator light is off, the user needs to unplug the main power cord. 
  • Wait for 30 seconds, plug the connection cord and turn on the PS4 console to clear the cache.


Gaming errors can ruin the gaming experience and make gamers frustrated. There are small fixes that are to be used to restore the game. To know more about the topic mentioned above, please visit.

Have you faced any gaming errors similar to Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4? If yes, please comment below.

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