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Devot Wordle {March} Discover Answer With List Here!

Read the details of Yesterday’s Devot Wordle puzzle. Then, decide if the Wordle puzzle is intentionally made harder to play after its migration.

Did the Wordle puzzle for Yesterday, 25th of March 2022, seem to be a tougher one for its Worldwide users? People like the Wordle game as it takes less than five minutes to guess six alphabets of the correct answers. Moreover, Wordle enhances your English. 

Did you know many people search the internet to find five-letter word if they guess at least two to three correct alphabets. Let’s review the Devot Wordle puzzle for Yesterday.

Yesterday’s Guesses:

Users started entering random alphabets in their first attempt. In the first attempt, it is impossible to attain the correct answer. Sometimes you might get a clue about the correct word when you had entered at least one (or) two alphabets correctly in the first and second line.

Yesterday, the first correct alphabet of the puzzle was D, and the last-fifth correct alphabet was T. Now, the challenge was to find a five-letter word that starts with D (or) ends with T. This is the case when a user has guessed only one alphabet correctly in Devot Wordle Game. However, there is a long list of words starting with D (or) ending with T.

The next step was to narrow down your options. Firstly, the users entered another word in the third line in Wordle to check if they got the third alphabet correct. But, it is not feasible if you are trying to solve the Wordle puzzle in 3/6 and 4/6 attempts.

The next method is to analyze the words that come to your mind that start with D. There are 15 such words, including Decor, Decos, Decoy, Defog, Delos, Demob, Demoi, Demon, Demos, Depot, Deros, Detox, Devon, Devos, and Devot in Devot Wordle puzzle. Users still had to narrow down options by entering the third word in the third line.

The users who got another alphabet correct in their third attempt would have been lucky as only two to three more alphabets need to be guessed. By looking at the words above, there were only two probabilities for the correct word, which could be either Devot (or) Depot. 

Yesterday, the users who had entered Depot in their 3/6 and 4/6 attempts were able to resolve the puzzle. However, the users who entered DEVOT would have been surprised.

Devot Wordle Surprise:

It was forceful on the part of Wordle, not acknowledging DEVOT as the correct answer. So, such users were able to resolve the puzzle only in 5/6, 6/6 attempts, and many users failed.


Confusion remained regarding why DEVOT wasn’t the correct answer. There are no questions asked in Wordle to guess the correct word. So, both Devot and Depot could have been correct. How about the future? Could there be two or more words with one alphabet difference? Then, users won’t be able to resolve the puzzle in the best possible attempts.

Was Yesterday’s Wordle review informative? Please comment below on this article about Yesterday’s Devot Wordle puzzle.

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