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Dewalt Good Reviews (Dec) Is This Offer Scam Deals?

Dewalt Good Reviews (Dec) Is This Offer Scam Deals? >> Before shopping from this website, please check its legitimacy through the below article as it looks suspicious.

Dewalt Good Reviews: We have started using modern appliances, Automobiles, and many other gadgets and devices in our house. Further, this appliance and automobile vehicle needs proper services periodically. For some devices and appliances, we do services by own with the help of some tools. For instance, to trim the lawn grass, we use a Cordless lawnmower kit, and for some electrical services, we need cutter and pliers type tools.

Without proper tools, anyone cannot do work in the United States, and other countries. Here we have a website that offers the DeWalt tool at a low price. But, before you shop on it, let us find that Is Dewalt Good Legit store or not?

What is Dewalt Good com?

It is an online store which only deals with the tools. Further, from this website, people or workers can shop for any tools. You can shop for tools for air tools, hand tools, lighting, outdoor tools, plumbing tools, and tool storage. You can purchase a brushless drain snake kit, chainsaws, lawnmowers, trimmers, and many other products in these categories.

Besides it, products have more than 70% off. Further, this website does free shipping on shopping above $ 49. Let us find more about this store via Dewalt Good Reviews.

Specifications of Dewalt Good com

Here we get the following few specifications of Dewalt good com online store.

  • URL: If you want to purchase a tool at a discounted price, then click on https://www.dewaltgood.com/.
  • Domain Create date: This online store was created on 2020 November 20. The domain age of this website is one month and seven days old yet.
  • Domain Expiry: The domain of this store is registered for one year.
  • Products available: From this website, you can shop for tools like air tools, plumbing tools, power tools, outdoor tools, lighting tools, and hand tools.
  • Tools Description: In tools descriptions, you will get information about size, voltage uses, power consumptions, tool purpose, working conditions, tool speed, motor type, and other mandatory details. Let get more information on website services through Dewalt Good Reviews.
  • Social Share: You can share products with friends from their description to Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Pininterest, and LinkedIn.
  • Standard Delivery: This tooling website does only standard deliveries inside the United States. It took the time of upto 20 days to deliver the product to you.
  • Order tracking: You can track your order by tracking number. This website sends you the tracking number by email.
  • Payment modes: For shopping from this tooling store, you have to be one of the following cards: Visa Card, American Express, Master Card, Discover Card, and JCB.
  • Refund Policy: On any problem, you can return and ask for a refund inbetween the first fourteen days.

Advantages of Shopping from Dewalt Good com

Here, we get advantages through Dewalt Good Reviews.

  • It does free shipping on shopping above $49.
  • The price of products is affordable as it gives discounts of more than 70 percent.
  • It has refund policies on any dissatisfaction.

Disadvantages of Shopping from Dewalt Good com

  • This website has not mentioned its physical address and mailing address.
  • This website does not use any email server and contact number to contact the customers for problem inquiries.
  • This website does not use any social media platform to promote its products.
  • Besides this, customers don’t have any options to subscribe to the new product updates or newsletter.
  • This website has no reviews for its quality and services on the internet.

Is Dewalt Good Legit?

On exploration, we get this store has many drawbacks like it has no address, email, and contact details to satisfy customers. Further, it has no reviews on the internet yet, and it is a new online store. So, due to the absence of significant points, it appears it is not a legit store.

Customer Feedback

We get that it has no product reviews on its website and the internet. It may be due to it appear as a scam website. It looks like a scam site to customers as it gives huge discounts on all products with free shipping. Without customer reviews, we cannot say anything about it.

Final Verdict

After exploring the Dewalt Good Reviews, we get that it is not a legit website and doesn’t have customer reviews on the website and internet. So, we recommend stop shopping from it and look for other legit stores.

For more details, please write to us in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Dewalt Good Reviews (Dec) Is This Offer Scam Deals?

  1. i ordered a miter saw from this website on Jan-4 2021 and in two days they provided me the tracking number. i kept looking up the status of this tracking number and status shows it was cancelled after two days. they are not refunding as well. and nobody from their customer care email replying anymore.

    it’s a scam.

  2. I ordered several tools Dec 27. They also sent me a invoice with a bogus tracking number. After a couple of weeks I sent a email asks for an update on delivery and a good tracking number. I got a response from an email that said because of Covid shipping has been delayed. Wait a couple of weeks and if you have not received your item email back for a refund. Still nothing! And no more response from company. Scam!! For sure!

  3. I also ordered tools and never received them and never could get a number to talk to anyone only could send them message on email only but never got anything back..us there anything we can do about this? Can we get our money back? Who can we contact about this?

  4. I ordered tools 1/6/2021.got email confirmation on it and never got nothing else..tracked it and it tracked up til 21St jan.then said it was delivered in Texas somewhere…ive tried to reach usps never can talk to anyone there in person and I’ve filed for lost and delivered to wrong place and never heard anything from usps..idk wh

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