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Diagraphephobia {Aug} Know Your Favorite Character!

Diagraphephobia {Aug} Know Your Favorite Character! >> This post discusses a character in the game who fears getting deleted and tries different things to avoid his deletion.

The mi characters of Nintendo video games are popular among United States gamers, and they also keep on customizing the avatar as per their preference. Diagraphephobia soundtrack belonging to Eteled mi character attracts a lot of kids, and they want to hear the song and other sound effects related to this character.

Some of the characters getting a lot of attention are Austin, Kylie, Sam, and Matt, but Eteled is one character that no one can ignore due to its look and temperament. So keep reading this article to know more about it.

Friday Night Funkin vs. Eteled:

Friday night Funkin game mode is created by Sulayre and is one of the popular games on the Nintendo platform. Most of the players search for Eteled Diagraphephobia sound effects as it adds to the character’s presence and makes the game more interesting.

In FNF, the boyfriend starts training under a sports champion and learns body-building skills from him. The boyfriend has to defeat the outside character in a dancing and singing competition to win their girlfriend in the game. 

The addition of the irritating character Eteled will add more fun to the game as he will play a spoiler role between boyfriend and girlfriend. one can play the game on Windows, MAC, and Linux-based platforms.

Eteled and Diagraphephobia:

If one looks closely at the name Eteled, it is the opposite of delete, and phobia relates to this term is fear of getting deleted. This MI character is based on the phobia of getting deleted. It is the main avatar of Wii deleted you, and its appearance is bald with big eyes. 

Every character wants to delete Eteled, to which he responds in his way and tries to avoid the deletion. Sometime after deletion, too, he refuses to go away and tries his best to convince his boyfriend not to delete him.

To stop his deletion, he first tries to convince the boyfriend and threatens them with his Axe.  

Diagraphephobia one-liners by Eteled:

Players are enjoying the Eteled fear of getting deleted and how he counters the character that tries to delete him. Soundtrack related to this phobia is getting popular on the internet; we have listed below one-liners by Eteled, which he uses when anyone tries to delete him.

  • Now that is out of the way, come here.
  • There won’t be next time, leave.
  • Next, I will be deleting your new girlfriend.
  • If one thing I need to get to your head is don’t delete MIs
  • But heh, let’s see you don’t lose your head by the end of this.
  • Maybe I can chop your head and hand along with your girlfriend.

Final verdict:

Diagraphephobia music and sound by Eteled are being liked and enjoyed by most gamers. The role of spoiler played by him between boyfriend and girlfriends takes the game to another level. The customizable avatar also increases the creativity of the game.

Players can share their views on different MIs like Eteled, Matt, and Austin in the comment section and give their opinions about this post below. To know more about Eteled read it here.

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