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Diantongyule Reviews [June] Is It a Scam Website or Not?

Diantongyule Reviews [June] Is It a Scam Website or Not? -> In this article, you get to know about online stores dealing with children play equipment, products, and accessories.

Do you want to make your child spend more time outdoors amid nature? Try out Diantongyule.com

Every parent wants their growing children to spend more time amid the environment. It is not only a source of enjoyable recreation for the child but is also a way to ensure the sound development of the bones and muscles in their bodies. However, due to the presence of television and video games indoors, kids of today prefer more time in front of these gadgets instead of outdoors.

What children desire is an entertaining experience outdoors, which can only be fulfilled in the presence of the right kind of outdoor play equipment. Children perk up with joy at swings, slides, inflatable pools, and the like. Many sites have come up recently selling such products for children. They offer new varieties of play equipment designed to let your child have a delightful experience outside.

Diantongyule.com is one such online store that has been operating from the United States

If you wish to know about the site’s various offerings, read the full Diantongyule Reviews below.

What is diantongyule.com?

It is an online platform specializing in dealing with children’s play equipment like swings, slides, small-sized inflatable water parks, toys, etc. Additionally, it also offers kids furniture and active play materials.

The site’s main offerings are inflatable bouncers, inflatable slides, wooden swing sets, and playhouses. Currently, the site is providing up to 70% off on their products. 


  • Website type: online store offering children playsets and equipment. https://www.diantongyule.com/
  • Email: Not mentioned
  • Processing time: 1 business day
  • Delivery time: 3-7 business days
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Return: 7 working days
  • Shipping charge: Free shipping over $ 90
  • Refund: Applicable within seven days
  • Cancellation of order: Not mentioned in the site
  • Contact number: Not provided
  • Address: Not mentioned in the site
  • Mode of payment: Paypal

Is diantongyule.com legit or not?

The site is less than a year old. It was created on 1st October 2019. Hence, as with all new sites, we vary in its credibility. On closer inspection, we found a lot of signs that confirmed our legitimacy doubts regarding this site. 

Firstly, we discovered that a lot of content on its pages and graphics are copied from other websites selling similar children’s play products. This is not a good sign.

Also, there are no reviews of customers about the site’s products anywhere on the internet. It further lends weight to the credibility concerns that we have of this site. Besides, a zero social media presence also indicates a lack of awareness among people regarding its products. One other thing that is dubious is that although the URL of the site is diantongyule.com on its home page, it is named ‘Shoppica.’

There is no meaningful contact information that may help us to find more about the services and products of this site. Even its ‘Track order’ link leads us nowhere. We, therefore, think that this site is not worthy enough to be trusted.

Pros of buying products from diantongyule.com

  • The site exhibits an enormous variety of children’s playsets.
  • All the products are currently being sold at huge discounts.
  • The site provides free shipping for orders over $90
  • Hassle-free return and 24/7 customer support claimed by the site.
  • Several payment modes are available.
  • All the equipment on the site is available in several colors and sizes. 

Cons of buying products from diantongyule.com

  • COD is not an option.
  • Order tracking cannot be availed.
  • Most of the content and graphics have been copied.
  • There is no customer review and traffic on the website.

What people are saying about diantongyule.com

Customer reviews are wholly absent on the site as well as on the internet since this site is less than a year old we are not sure if people have got around to know more about its products. 

Final verdict

We will advise you not to trust this site with your bank details. We would have understood the meager traffic situation in this site because of its recent creation. But new and authentic sites don’t copy content from other websites. Lack of social media presence and inadequate contact information strengthens our doubts regarding its legitimacy.

In the end, according to the Diantongyule Reviews, we proclaim this site as not being legitimate, and so do not recommend it to you. It is not safe for you, as it falls very low on our scale of reliability.

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  1. I purchase a waterslide on July 08, 2020 and after checking the USPS tracking number they gave said the product was delivered on June 27, 2020. Also, the sellers contact email in PayPal Sharon1@quesenberry2.com is not even found. So I have a feeling they are not legit and are a scam. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!!

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