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Did Erik Cowie How Die {Nov 2021} Know The Cause Here!

The article Did Erik Cowie How Die is about the reason for the death of one of the popular artists from the Netflix documentary.

Do you know who Erik Cowie is? Do you know why he is famous? Have you watched the Netflix Tiger King’s film?

People from the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada know him for from appearing Netflix documentary Tiger King: Murder, Madness, and Mayhem.

One question that his fans search: Did Erik Cowie How Die? We will give you all the details in this article and how people reacted to his death news.

Who was Erik Cowie, and know why he was in the news before his death?

Erik Cowie died on Sept. 3, 2021, and he was only 53 years old. Erik Cowie was a Zookeeper by profession and best known for his appearance in the documentary named “Tiger King: Murder, Madness, and Mayhem.”

He was one of the animal caretakers at Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma, serving for a long time.

About his recent news:

Before we know Did Erik Cowie How Die, let us see why he had been in the news early this year.

Erik has been in the news for various comments he made when he was alive. One such news was when he witnessed Joe Exotic’s mistreatment of animals.

He also said that Joe Exotic, the zoo owner, shot and killed five tigers to free the cage space for new animals. Though Cowie only heard the shot, he confirmed what was going on.

Exotic is now serving 22 years prison in a Texas prison for his crime against the animals. Even after Exotic was in prison, Cowie continued to take care of the zoo.

Did Erik Cowie How Die?

Erik died in September 2021, and the cause of death was “acute and chronic alcohol use,” and there was nothing suspicious about his death. He was found dead in a Brooklyn apartment, and the investigator also shared a bottle of vodka from the apartment. Though Erik’s identity was kept secret from the public later in October, the cause of death was revealed.

Earlier, Cowie was found guilty of a DUI in Oklahoma following a car accident in May 2021. But when he refused to appear in court, an arrest warrant was issued in his name.

Why is Erik Cowie in the news again?

People search “Did Erik Cowie How Die because “Tiger King 2” is to release soon. After Netflix gave a hint of a “coming soon” message, fans had many questions like what happened to Erik, how he died, etc.

What was people’s reaction to the death news?

After Erik’s death, one of his friends said he was going through treatment and gone too soon; we will miss you.

Also, death news hurts many fans who consider him their idol and say he will always remain in our hearts. Many took their social media platform to show their deep condolences and mourne Cowie’s passing.


Did Erik Cowie How Die is now again in the news after Netflix announced the return of The Tiger King. Erik struggled with alcohol and was undergoing treatment, but he dedicated his time to taking care of animals in the zoo.

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