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Did Ronaldos Son Die {April} Twin Babies Survival Facts!

Did Ronaldo Son Die has news related to the death of the baby boy of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

If you are looking for any update on the personal life of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, this post contains some recent news on him? Everybody knows that Ronaldo has his fans in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom; most of them are searching for an update on his son.

According to the star footballer’s announcement on social media sites, his son died on Monday. This news of his baby son has saddened the star and his well-wisher across the world. To know the actual facts for Did Ronaldos Son Die read till the end.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his Partner Announcement:

On the Twitter platform, Ronaldo and his girlfriend announced on Monday that their baby boy passed on the 18th of April. In October, the soccer star announced that he and his partner are expecting twin babies, a girl, and a boy, in the coming days.

According to media reports, the girl baby survived the birth process, but the boy baby succumbed. They shared their pain of losing the baby boy in the process and felt that parents couldn’t feel more pain than this. During this challenging time, they appealed for privacy and thanked the medical team for their effort.

How Did Ronaldos Son Die?

According to reports, both partners were expecting twins during the birth process, but the baby died during delivery. No further information on this topic is available at present, and as they thanked medical staff for their effort, no case of medical negligence can be suspected.

The baby girl survived the process, and the couple said that they are getting strength from their baby girl to pass this difficult moment. They also said that the baby boy is their angel and will always love them.

Many of his followers shared their condolence messages on Twitter, and some of his fans in Australia and Ireland also wanted to know How Did Ronaldos Son died.

Infant Mortality Rate in the World:

This is a clear case of infant mortality, and Ronaldo’s son’s death indicates that more steps are required to control Child mortality. The death of a child under the age of five is termed Infant mortality, and there were around 12.5 million deaths under it in 1990.

The case has decreased in the last thirty years, as 5 million deaths were reported in 2020. In absolute numbers, it has decreased from 90 deaths per thousand live births to around 37 in 2020. More improvement is needed to reduce child death.

Did Ronaldos Son Die of Any Negligence?

The letter posted on the Twitter account of Ronaldo mentions that the hospital staff has done their best to save the child. Therefore no case of medical negligence can be anticipated in the death of Ronaldo’s baby boy.

It’s a clear case of infant mortality, and there are many aspects to child mortality; Mother Health and care are the most important of it.

Final verdict:

The death rate of infants under the age of one in America is 5.6 per thousand childbirth. So people in other parts of the world need to take steps to bring the infant mortality rate down.

Did Ronaldo Son Die post comment section can be used by the soccer fans to share their feeling for his favorite star.

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