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Did The Roblox Creator Died (Feb 2022) Know About It Here!

Did The Roblox Creator Died (Feb 2022) Know About It Here! >> Please read this article to help you collect all the essential facts about the creators of the famous game.

People worldwide love to be part of the online gaming sector. Are you one of the players? The famous game Roblox is one of the trending news nowadays. This article will discuss Did the Roblox Creator Died and many other facts about the game and its creators. The Roblox is the platform where you can have the best gaming experience to earn lots of rewards. 

The people of the Philippines, the United States, and the United Kingdom are looking forward to getting the solutions of problems the users face.

Creators of the Roblox

Roblox was created in 2004 by two famous personalities David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, and they launched the game in the year 2006. The games have gained tremendous popularity and reached the new platform of growth

The research states that one question is in the top search of the users that Did the Roblox Creator Died. Let us discuss this fact.

David Baszucki was born on 20 January 1963 worked on the prototype of Dynablocks which is later names as Roblox. He works as an engineer of interactive physics. He is still alive and works on the alternate account named as builderman.

Another co-founder Erik Cassel was born on 16 December 1967. He use the account erik.cassel in the Roblox. He dies on 11 February 2013 due to cancer. His social media account still holds many pieces of information regarding the rewards of games.

Did the Roblox Creator Died

The rumor of the death of Roblox creator is a half-truth; it has two creators, and one is still alive. Many tweets and comments on the social media platform claimed that the builderman is no more.

It created lots of confusion as David handles the account, which is still healthy. The account holder Erik Cassel is not alive and passed many years back.

Users Comment

Millions of users are active on the Roblox platform, which brings the company on the top. From last days users are worried about builderman being inactive.

Several people raised the comment that Did the Roblox Creator Died. The reason behind the query was not receiving any welcome message. But the company users are replying to solve the issue and claims that David is still alive.


Involving yourself in the rumors and not finding the truth can lead you towards big mysteries. Reading this article could clear all the doubt about the game and the owners’ live set.

It sorts out at that one owner died, and another is still alive. The problem was raised because the account was inactive. 

What your thoughts on Did the Roblox Creator Died or still alive? Do you also play Roblox? Please mention your opinion in the comments section below.

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