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Dinner Reunion 2022 {Feb} Curious, Get Details Here

Scroll down the below article to know about Dinner Reunion 2022, a New Year (Chinese) Celebration.

Reunion Dinner is the best thing you will get on the New Year (Chinese), commonly known as the most popular component of the Spring Festival. It is called tuan nien fan or nian ye fan in Chinese. This will be celebrated in different nations like Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States by the Chinese people. 

If one could only go home to see relatives for one day throughout the two-week-long New Year (Chinese) festival, this would be it. 

The day before the Dinner Reunion 2022 sees the packed highways, bus terminals and airports of the year, as everyone eagerly makes the journey home to be with their loved ones.

Food and beverages for the Reunion Dinner

The Spring Festival Reunion Dinner usually has enough food to serve a whole village. Platters on top of plates of food is a familiar sight.

Most families would prepare a variety of symbolic lucky dishes, but the one cuisine that is unquestionably the most popular is Jiaozi or dumpling that represents riches.

 Before the New Year’s Eve feast, many families enjoy making the dough and fillings for dumplings together. Drinking is also a significant element of the evening; Dinner Reunion 2022even people who don’t usually drink will join in on the fun.

 The entire family will most likely consume bottles of Baijiu (Chinese rice wine) and other alcoholic spirits. The dinner is likewise spread out over a long period, typically beginning as early as before sunset and lasting till midnight.

Dinner Reunion: New Year (Chinese)

Many people’s parents, grandparents and other extended-family relations live in rural areas, usually on the outskirts of large towns where the younger generations work or study, so it is normal for people to return to their hometown. 

The Dinner Reunion 2022 supper will most likely be held at the home of the parents/grandparents, and most typically, the parents of the husband’s side of the family for married couples, but this is not guaranteed.

Many New Year (Chinese) celebrations may now take place in the big cities, as many people have left the countryside for good. 

In these instances, when making dinner at home may appear complicated, families will opt to dine at decadent, opulent restaurants. 

Chinese people celebrate the New Year in different nations and experience traditional Chinese culture.

Dinner Reunion 2022: Singapore.

  • Begin your Chinese feast delights with the restaurant’s premium rush salmon yusheng (gold), which is fashioned like a frisky tiger and served with champagne (jelly) and kumquat sauce. 
  • You can bang with Xan Cuisine, to start the year off, and also you can select from 6 set meals with a delectable range of Cantonese delicacies. The Prosperous Menu (Prosperous Celebrations Menu) and the Blissful menu of 8-course, are both available. 
  • The menu includes dishes like Salmon Yusheng and Baby Abalone, baked lobster with onion and black a trio barbecued meat platter, , and many more.


As per our case study on Dinner Reunion 2022, we can say that this is a grand New Year (Chinese) celebration now being organized by many nations. 

Many people who cannot go to their hometown can celebrate their new year in other countries with their friends. 

Moreover, click here for more information about the dinner reunion.

Are you also willing to celebrate the Dinner Reunion? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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