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Dio Bone A Universal Time {Sep} Get Complete Insight!

This write-up will help you find the Dio Bone a Universal Time, and know about the AUT game.

Do you also play A Universal Time game? Are you also wait for the latest updates in the game? With the latest update released, gamers in Brazil and United States are searching for their favorite characters.

But, do you know if Dio’s Bone is in A Universal Time or not? If you are unaware of that, then we are here to help you through this article. Dio is resistant to most damage, and Dio’s Bone helps you level up and more. So, let us start our discussion on Dio Bone a Universal Time and know further.

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What is A Universal Time (AUT)?

A Universal Time is an adventure-based game about the anime “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” manga sequence and several other anime’s and games in Roblox! Other popular shows and games included Undertale, X! Tale, Dragon Ball, etc. It was originally launched in 2018 and was globally closed for updates. AUT is a trade and grinding simulator, as well as a PVP simulator. In order to attract players and maintain players’ interest, the game has initiated a huge update. The latest update was released on August 30, 2021.

Who is Dio, and how is Dio Bone a Universal Time helpful?

Dio is the main fighter in JOJO’s Bizzare adventure. In addition, Dio is the first boss in AUT. He is a very aggressive passive vampire regen and can resist most forms of damage to full health after about half a minute. DIO isn’t just a boss to fight but also a superior boss for Good Money Farming Methods. Not only does he drop money, but DIO also drops Dragon Ball, Dio’s Diary, which you can sell for cash. Once he is removed or defeated, he drops a lot of money.

Dio Bone a Universal Time is an item that drops from Heaven  DIO with the chance of 16%. After getting DIO’s Bone, you will be sent to bring Jotaro’s Disc. Dio’s Bone allows you to level up your stand to level 10 or evolve Whitesnake into C-moon in a matter of seconds. After that, you’ll need the gravitational shift of your C-Moon to go to the peak at the end of the Station. Once you reached the mountain, you must have Dio’s Bone in your inventory. You can use it to get in heaven .

How do you find Dio Bone a Universal Time?

You can obtain Dio’s Bone by defeating DIO, who spawns every 30 minutes. It is a very rare chance the Dio drops bones, i.e., Dio’s Bone has a 1/10 chance of dropping upon defeating Dio. It has a specific glow around it. Additionally, there are three uses why you need it:

  • To evolve into moon as we discuss
  • To reset your sub specifications like rock human, vampire, etc.
  • To level up to 10 instantly using it.


Undoubtedly, the latest update in A Universal Time game has included many characters and updates. But if you find Dio Bone a Universal Time, isn’t it worth playing. As we have seen above, using Dio’s Bone, you can be the level ahead in the game. We hope you get the Dio Bone soon and also enjoy the games. Read here about  

So, we hope you liked the game and the post as well. Don’t you? Tell us in the comment section below whether you got the Dio Bone?

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