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Diversefunny com Reviews {June 2021} Is It Legit / Scam?

Diversefunny com Reviews {June 2021} Is It Legit / Scam? >> Read through this article to find an online shopping store that offers different types of gift items etc. Within one complete store.

Are you looking for an online store that provides various decorating items, along with bicycles and yoga wear under one shopping site? Then you are at the correct place we are here to inform you about Diversefunny.com, which offers the same.

Also, guys, this website is making a huge buzz all over the Worldwide. Let’s find out in the Diversefunny com Reviews the reason behind the buzz over this website.

So, here you can read to know more about the website’s authenticity, as customers now a day are scammed by many online web stores.

What is Diversefunny.com?

Diversefunny com is an online shopping store that sells different types of items under one shopping store at a discounted price. The products which the site offers are as follows:-

  • Home and pet items
  • Garden and outdoor items
  • Toy and gift items and many more products are available on the site.

Let’s find out more about Is Diversefunny com Legit under the specifications of the site.

Specifications of Diversefunny com 

  • Website link- The URL link for the website is https://www.diversefunny.com/.
  • Domain creation date- The site was created on 19th November 2020
  • Shipping policy- According to the website details, orders will typically be shipped within 5-10days for domestic delivery and 7-15 days for international delivery.
  • Payment methods- You can pay through PayPal only
  • Return and refund policy- As mentioned on the site, orders can be returned within 30 days after receipt of the product, and for the return, no period is specified.
  • Address and contact no. – While searching more on Diversefunny com Reviews.
  • No physical address is found on the contact us section, and the contact number is also missing.
  • Email id- The email id provided is support@diversefunny.com

Positive points on Diversefunny.com 

  • The website is using a valid HTTPS connection 
  • The site has got proper shipping and return policy mentioned
  • The email id matches the domain name.

Negative points on Diversefunny.com

  • The website is recently created and has got short domain life expectancy till 2021.
  • The period in the refund policy section for refunds is missing.
  • No physical address and contact no. is mentioned on the contact us section.

Is Diversefunny com Legit?

Let’s find out the legitimacy checkpoints as detailed below:-

  • Domain creation age- The website has been created on 19th November 2020 and it is registered till 2021. So the website is created recently, and the website is registered only for a year, so the domain life expectancy of the site is short, and it counts as a negative remark here.
  • Trust rank- The site has got a 47.9 trust score on the scale of 100, which is low, so the trust rank is poor and a negative sign.
  • Both the legitimacy checkpoints mentioned above stand negative let’s find out more on Diversefunny com Reviews on the other checkpoints.
  • Social media presence- The website has a poor social media presence, so it marks a negative point here.
  • Customer’s feedback- No customer feedback is available on any genuine sites, which counts as a lacking point here.

As mentioned earlier, Diversefunny com is an online shopping site that deals with various types of products within one store. Hereafter seeing the legitimacy feedback, it is prominent that all the checkpoints are negative. So now, guys, let’s find out more details of the customer reviews or feedback for more clarity.

Diversefunny com Reviews 

After conducting thorough research, we have provided you with all the details of Diversefuuny com necessary, but unfortunately, no customer reviews are present on this website on any of the genuine platforms or social media platforms also, not a single customer review is present on this particular website too.

Furthermore, the site has no customer reviews despite the website belonging to a popular niche:. Therefore, presently the customer reviews on Diversefunny com is missing. If you have ever been betrayed by a credit card scam and need some help? Click here.

Final verdict

In the final verdict based on the Diversefunny com Reviews and the other legitimacy checkpoints such as its domain name creation age, negative trust ranking, and its poor social media traffic, this website stands as a suspicious website, and therefore we do not recommend this website to our readers.

Furthermore, the site has not got any customer feedbacks mentioned too and the life expectancy of the site is also short as it is registered only for a year this makes the site an untrustworthy site to make a purchase from.

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