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Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera Price (Oct) Is This Legit?

The guide shares details about the new cinema camera and the Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera Price.   

Are you a professional cinematographer looking for a super reliable, faster, and sharper focusing cinema camera? Then, you must consider buying the new DJI Cinema Camera, Ronin 4D. 

DJI is a reputed and renowned camera manufacturer in the United States with many products under its hood, and Ronin 4D is the latest invention from the brand. 

Dji Ronin 4D System has a built-in 4-axis gimbal combined with LiDAR rangefinder and 8K resolution support for faster, sharper, and reliable focusing. Moreover, with a low Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera Price, it focuses on catering to professionals with technological prowess both with camera technology and gimbals.    

What is Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera?

Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera is a fully integrated cinema camera by the reputed and reliable brand in the United States, DJI. It is an innovative camera that acts as the gimbal solution for capturing 8K RAW. In addition, the camera comes with an optional LiDAR focusing system, wireless control, and a transmission system. 

Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera is innovatively designed to give users with all-in-one stabilized cinema camera solution. It means you don’t have to add an extra camera to a gimbal as it integrates everything into a single package. Buyers have to pay the lowest ever Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera Price for all such advanced features.    

Let us check the specifications and other features of the Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera.

Specifications of the Camera

  • Category – Cinema Camera
  • Dimension – 309×290×277mm
  • Weight – 4.67KG
  • Run Time – 150 Minutes
  • Sensor Size – Full Frame
  • Base Lens Mount – DX
  • Features Auto Focus, Active Track Pro
  • Dynamic Range – 14+ Stops
  • Shutter Speed – 1/24s-1/8000s
  • Focus Control – AF, AMF, M
  • ND – 9-Stop Physical
  • Gamma = HLG, Rec. 709, D-Log 
  • Price – $11, 499

Pros of Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera 

  • Affordable Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera Price with advanced features 
  • Z-Axis Camera 
  • Camera Gimbal Combo – Zenmuse X9-8K
  • 3-Axis Stabilizing – Gimbal 
  • Left Pain/Tilt Grips
  • ProsRes HQ to 8K30 and RAW Video till 8K75
  • A complete cinematography system 
  • Support full-frame Gimbal camera with 4-axis stabilization 
  • LiDAR Focusing System 
  • Built-in control and transmission system 

Cons of Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera 

  • No reviews were found
  • People are only inquiring about it
  • The product is not available for the public until 21st march 2022

What is the Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera Price?

As mentioned, the product is not yet released to the public. The brand only announced the product recently with an estimated price. The camera is expected to cost you around $11,499.00, and it will be made available to the public by 21st March 2022. 

Is Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera Legit or a Scam?

Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera is from a brand that is globally acclaimed for its innovative product line-up. However, the product was announced recently, and it is not available for purchase until 21st March 2022. So, confirming the legitimacy of the product is not possible without reading any unbiased reviews from consumers. The Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera Price mentioned is just the expected price. 

  • The brand DJI has been in business for more than 25 years as the domain was created and registered in1996. So, it is a reliable brand to rely upon. 
  • Secondly, the trust score of the brand is 99%, and it signifies that the brand is reliable and trustworthy and its products are highly appreciated by consumers worldwide. 
  • We found no reviews from the consumers. People are only asking and inquiring about the product. We found video reviews without any comments and feedback about the quality and performance of the Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera.

Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera Reviews

As mentioned, apart from Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera Price, we found no reviews or comments from consumers. Hence, we can’t clarify anything about the quality and performance of the cinema camera. 

After evaluating, we have found that the people only inquire about the product and its quality and performance. Since it is not available to the public until March 2022, we can’t expect any review or comment now. So, we urge the readers to wait until it is released for the public and any unbiased review is shared by users. 

Till then, ensure to read the helpful tips on how to identify a Product’s Legitimacy.


Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera is an incredible cinema camera with an acceptable Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera Price. It comes with advanced features and functions to offer a remarkable cinematic experience. However, the product is not available for sale until March 2022. Hence, buyers have to wait until any comment or review is available from genuine buyers to make the right buying decision.

What do you have to say about the brand and Dji Ronin 4d Cinema Camera? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section?

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