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Does Microsoft Own EA {March} Explore Its Real Answer!

Do you want to know the truth behind Does Microsoft Own EA? Read this post and know the details of ownership and Microsoft.

Have you heard about Microsoft’s own EA? If not, here is the news for you. Microsoft is one of the best multinational technology companies known to produce software, consumer electronics, and accessories. It’s headquarter is in the United States, while its franchises are in the United Kingdom and Canada 

Recently, the news of the Microsoft Activision Blizzard Acquisition has given the market a boon. If you’re interested in knowing the facts behind it, let us know Does Microsoft Own EA or just fake news.  

What does EA mean? 

Electronic Arts is one of the famous companies founded by Trip Hawkins. It is known to produce and deliver entertainment to the audience, such as games, online content, 

online services, consoles, etc. Globally, it has more than 450 million registered players. While checking the revenue of the company by 2021, it was registered as $5.6 billion.  

The EA headquarter is situated in Redwood, California. It is best known for its portfolio of disparagingly admired high-quality brands like The Sims, Titanfall, F1, Apex legends, and EA Sports. Besides, the shares of EA rose by 3% yesterday. Thus, people are predicting Does Microsoft Own EA, or will be targeted by others. 

Does Electronic Arts Own by Disney? 

While reading the EA 2020 report, some news was regarding EA owning Disney. So, with continued research, we found it is fake, and Disney does not own EA. However, they both came together in a deal and signed a contract for Disney’s Star Wars game. Also, Tencent does not own EA. Tencent is already a big name in the gaming industry.  

So, who owns EA? The public investment fund of Saudi Arabia acquired $7.4 million shares in EA. The company’s current CEO is Wilson, who took over as the chairman.  

Does Microsoft Own EA? 

We have come to the right answer with the research that Microsoft does not own EA. However, Microsoft has some shares in EA because it is publicly traded. EA shares a strong relationship with Microsoft since it helps to create software and develop new games for PC and Xbox players. So, in a nutshell, both are different companies and have their own legal rights to work in the gaming industry. Regardless, they work together to come up with the best for their users at some point in time.  

Do we hope you know the answer about Does Microsoft Own EA? If you want to discover the latest updates on EA, click here

The Bottom Line

EA holds a great reputation in the video gaming industry worldwide. This company has done really well and changed the level of playing games from then and now. Despite all this, EA shares have increased by 3%, which means it is a growing company, so anyone would like to invest in it. However, in terms of ownership, Wilson is the chairman of EA that takes care of every gaming project. 

Despite that, the news about Does Microsoft Own EA is not true. Yes, they both work together in some gaming projects, and Microsoft has some shares in EA, but it does not mean Microsoft owns EA.  

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