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Dollhouse Rainbow High Review (Dec 2021) Is It Legit?

Please read this write-up to know the Dollhouse Rainbow High Review and features of a fully furnished wooden dollhouse that has multiple rooms and accessories.

Do you love seeing your kids play with dolls? Is your daughter fascinated by dollhouses? Do you want to gift your granddaughter a fully furnished house of dolls? Then, please read this account to get complete information about one such product. 

In this article, we have discussed an adorable dollhouse that parents and grandparents from several countries, like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, want to find out about. Therefore, please read this article to know the Dollhouse Rainbow High Review and decide about buying it. 

What is Dollhouse Rainbow High?

The subject product is a fully furnished wooden dollhouse belonging to the Rainbow High collection. It consists of three stories and six rooms, including a washroom and kitchen. The dollhouse contains a functional lift, a hot tub with bubbles, a sink spraying water, etc. 

In addition, the product comes with numerous items for the kids to play with, such as a laptop, make-up kit, bed, tables, and so on. The accessories and furniture match real-life materials like soft pillows and kitchen utensils. Please continue reading to learn about the Dollhouse Rainbow High Review.


Please read the features of this product.

  • Price of Product – $215.79
  • Dimensions (in inches) – 36.60 (width) x 16.77 (depth) x 43.30 (height)
  • Net Weight – 66.3 lbs.
  • Colors – Multicolored
  • Materials Used – Wooden and plastic
  • Recommended Age – Six to twelve years, not below three years
  • Statutory Warning – Choking hazard due to plastic accessories.
  • Assemblage Time (Approx.) – Thirty to forty minutes.
  • Dolls Included – No, customers have to buy the dolls separately.
  • Batteries Required – No


Please read the pleasant facts about this product.

  • Children can be engaged with this dollhouse as a part of recreation instead of increasing the screen time over TVs, smartphones, and computers. Regarding the Dollhouse Rainbow High Review, this can be a crucial point to consider. 
  • The accessories are pretty similar to real-life items, and kids will learn the art of arranging and organizing things while playing.


We have mentioned here the disadvantages of purchasing this dollhouse. 

  • As all accessories are miniature and most of them are made of plastic, these pose serious threats for choking.
  • Kids who are too young may get hurt due to the hot water sprays. Thus, they should play with this dollhouse under their elders’ supervision. 

Is Dollhouse Rainbow High Legit?

By now, you have got the idea of what this product is all about, to confirm your Dollhouse Rainbow High Review. Now, you must know some details about the brand that is selling it to decide its authenticity. So please find the essential information below.

  • Brand Name – MGA Entertainment
  • Brand Age – Twenty-five years old, as the developers created the brand’s website on 6 September 1996. Therefore, this is an old portal. 
  • Brand Trust Index – 96%, which falls under the category of an Excellent Trust Score.
  • Alexa Rank – 260,159, which is an above-average rank. The particulars on Alexa’s database also depict that the website has driven vast traffic over the years. Furthermore, from the available Dollhouse Rainbow High Review, it is apparent that it is a popular platform.
  • Customer Reviews – The brand’s official portal does not deal with e-commerce, and thus there are no product reviews on the website. However, the online stores that sell this brand’s products contain genuine reviews about the items. 
  • Social Media Linking – The brand’s website is linked to its social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. 
  • Contact Information – The website contains the team’s contact address and telephone number. 

Viewing the data mentioned above, it is clear that this brand is genuine and trustworthy. 

Dollhouse Rainbow High Review

Mixed and unbiased reviews are available about this product on the Web. As per the Rainbow High Dollhouse’s reviews on Amazon, buyers have liked its construction, quality, and similarity with tangible items. However, some customers have not approved of the plastic stickers on the walls and ceilings of the dollhouse as these were difficult to remove. However, the overall response is positive, and buyers have mostly appreciated this item. 

The Concluding Thoughts

Many shoppers have bought this dollhouse and are satisfied with it. Keeping in mind the brand details and the available Dollhouse Rainbow High Review, you can go ahead with buying this item. Yet, you should first know How To Check If The Product Is Genuine Or Not before making the purchase. 

Please share your views about this product below.  

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