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Donna Lewis Face Mask {May} Read Before Shopping!

Donna Lewis Face Mask {May} Read Before Shopping! >> In this article, we review Donna Lewis Face Mask, a face mask by Donna Lewis USA.

Masks have been a necessity facing the current pandemic. They are our first defense against the virus. So, you must buy a mask of excellent quality which can help you stay safe and protect you from this virus. If you’re looking to purchase these masks, we suggest the alfresco masks offered by Donna Lewis, USA.

To purchase Donna Lewis Face Mask, visit it’s site donnalewisusa.com. They have gained popularity over the internet due to their designs. These masks, like other masks, help avoid direct contact of the virus with our face. But what makes these masks a standout is that they come in several prints and designs. 

The product currently has become popular in the United States, where it has sold a considerable amount of units and has gained some amount of popularity. The Donna Lewis website also sees a moderate amount of traffic in the country.

In this review of the Donna Lewis Face Mask, we will be looking at all of the specifications and details of this product, and all other necessary information.

What is Donna Lewis Face Mask?

Donna Lewis Face Mask is a line of face masks provided by Donna Lewis USA. They come in various designs with several prints, which has made them quite popular. They are non-medical face masks that are washable and are usable, several numbers of times. 

Before purchasing this product, we need to know several other details related to this product, like its material design, price, and all additional relevant info.

Donna Lewis Face Mask Specifications:

  • They are reusable non-medical face masks.
  • They come with elastic straps, and the material is of cotton fabric and linings.
  • They provide comfort to the face when wearing them.
  • Website: donnalewisusa.com
  • Email- not known
  • Address- 309 B, Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA, US
  • Contact number- 703 548 2452

Is Donna Lewis Face Mask legit?

The face masks offered by Donna Lewis are very stylish and come in several designs. It is the reason they have become popular. 

The necessary details of the site like contact number and address are available on the site, but the email address is not visible to users. Although, it lets users write their complaints in a dedicated email us section. We do not see any reason to suspect the site of being a scam. The website is very well maintained and is easy to use. Thus, Donna Lewis Face Mask is not a scam.

Reasons you should buy Donna Lewis Face Mask:

  • Their material is cotton fabric.
  • They are comfortable to wear and come with elastic straps.
  • The pricing is not too high at $22.
  • They are washable and dry quickly.


Reasons you shouldn’t buy Donna Lewis Face Mask:

  • They are not medical grade personal protection masks.
  • They do not offer to ship in countries other than the US.
  • People living outside of the US may find it expensive.

What are the customers saying about Donna Lewis Face Mask?

Experiences and opinions of the customers who bought from this product are not available on the site. On searching several other platforms to read these reviews, we could only find a handful of them, which confirms that the product is not very well known.

Of the few reviews that we were able to read, most of them were positive. Several customers chose this product only for its designs and prints. Although a lot of customers claimes that it is not the best choice when it comes to masks for protection, the drawings, and prints of the mask make it a valuable product. 

A few customers also claimed that the product is good-looking, but that’s all it is. It is not very good when it comes to the protection of the face, as a lot of other products are much better in this department than the Donna Lewis Face Mask. Several claimed that the mask did not last very long.

But the favorable responses were much more in number than the negative ones.

Final Verdict

We have taken a look at every single necessary information regarding the product. Now it’s time to come to a decision. Should you spend on your money on these masks? Is Donna Lewis Face Mask legit? 

It all comes down to you and what kind of mask you want to buy. If you’re going to buy a face mask that is fashionable and also does a decent job at protection, Donna Lewis Face Mask is perfect for you. However, if you want something more for personal protection and not something fancy, then this product might not be for you. 

Hence, we suggest that our readers who are interested in buying this product can feel free to purchase it as it is not a scam. For those who want better protective masks, you should buy a medical-grade mask.

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  1. You left out the most important part concerning the construction of these masks. Where are they sewn? In America? Or at a sweatshop overseas?

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