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Dot Compliance Group Scam [June] Is It Scam or Not?

Dot Compliance Group Scam [June] Is It Scam or Not? -> Know here how not to trust the messages and emails unless it directly comes from your affiliated partner.

Have you ever get blamed for some else’s mischievous acts? We can relate to this feeling easily.

In this article, we try to bring justice to a company that has helped countless customers. Scammers never leave a stone unturned when it comes to looting us. Therefore, we exist to bring the actual truth of Dot Compliance Group Scam at its face value. 

The United States is the only country that avails and renders most advanced services in the whole world. Similarly, this company also works for its state to contribute to better economic growth. Let’s begin our analysis to bring justice and refute scammers in a detailed manner.

Is Dot Compliance Group Scam?

Following a careful analysis, our answer is NO. The reasons are coming in your way. Dot Compliance Group has site registration dates back to 23rd January 2019 and is valid until 2021. A company will not invest on a website or domain if it is incepted only to scam. Are not we correct?

 This company helps you to adhere to the Drug and Alcohol Testing as per the Federal regulations. Because it has given maximum contentment, the competitors and scammers are targeting it to tarnish its brand. 

By doing so, they are earning thousands of dollars without disclosing their identity. The wrong-doers use DOT in their messages and emails to scam upcoming and existing clients with large amounts. So far, thousands of people are affected by this scam. Many clients like you are attesting that this particular company is a fraud. It is genuinely not the case.  

The con-trick trend is started because the bilkers found a way to access the confidential data of this company. With this informative sheet, they are targeting the existing customers and threatening them to discontinue their services. By fearing the termination, they are instantly paying whatever amount is asked to survive in the market. 

What is the Dot Compliance Group?

Since 23rd January 2019, Dot Compliance Group is serving its customers in the trucking industry with certified, affordable, and automated programs. Complying with the Federal drug and alcohol testing policy of this enterprise has satisfied thousands of clients in the United States.

The company claims itself as Third-Party Administrator (TPA). “To keep your alcohol and drug program and you safe” is the main motto. The programs are simple to maintain and operate. 

Besides, the company gives you LOGIN features so that you can directly check the results and other essential details. This group company also offers biennial update, Unified carrier registration, and drug & alcohol supervisor training. 

Specifications of Dot Compliance Group:

  • Website type: Affordable and automated programs for the trucking industry
  • Acknowledged as: Third Party Administrator
  • Services offered: Drug and Alcohol Program
  • Policies adhere to 49 CFR Part 382 and 49 CFR Part 40
  • Company Address: Suite 500 PMB 404, 5605 FM 423, Frisco Texas 75036
  • Phone number: 855-368-7233
  • Email address: support@dotcompliancegroup.com 

Benefits of Dot Compliance Group:

  • Zero difficulties in availing the programs
  • Use advanced equipment to render the services
  • Short-time program delivery
  • Easy access into the results through LOGIN feature
  • 79% positive feedback on the trust-pilot website
  • Provide accurate and knowledgeable information
  • Great customer service
  • Long-run site accessibility

Cons of Dot Compliance Group:

  • Con-trick messages and emails are the only drawbacks of this company. 
  • Easily targeted by scammers and rivalries 
  • Program charges are slightly higher than competitors

Customer reviews:

Trust Pilot and Quora have numerous positive reviews directly from the existing clients. 4.4 stars is the rating of this company on trust pilot com. The customers attest that it takes less time to get the test results with thorough instructions and support. They give immense value and appreciation to the efforts of Dot Compliance Group. 

Some customers have also claimed that they receive specific messages and emails on behalf of this company. However, they lay their faith in them; therefore, they know it is a scam. 

Final Verdict:

We find Dot Compliance Group Scam is not true and the company is legit. However, the scammers and competitors are working two-fold jobs. First, to tarnish the hard-earned reputation and second, to trick us into paying them substantial amounts. We suggest you report any message or email that contains DOT directly to the company. This way, the scammers can be hindered, and your money will be safe. 

Flourish us with your views on this article.

6 thoughts on “Dot Compliance Group Scam [June] Is It Scam or Not?

  1. Your research and conclusions are somewhat accurate. I know. I worked there. The company is legitimate, but their methods of manipulation and lies that coerce and scare the people are unconscionable. The misrepresent themselves as the DOT or FMCSA. They lie and tell the prospect they will be arrested or worse, you still aren’t compliant until you purchase another course. To make matters worse, the tell people the calls are recorded but they aren’t, giving the impression that what they say is the truth. IT’s a legitimate company, but with shady people selling the services!

    Finally, the DOT number holders can file their biennial update for FREE and the UCR fees are inflated over what you can pay directly on their website.

  2. Dot Compliance Group may be a real company but they threaten carriers who may not even need a DOT update with fines and punishment and pretend to be government enforcement but they are not and have no rights to do so. They also do not understand that intrastate dot#’s are not treated the same way as Interstate dot#’s.
    Another spam (not scam) is DOT processing Agents, they too are using the same scare tactics to swindle people out of their money for a DOT update that would normally be free if the carriers would take the time to learn how to do them themselves online.

  3. Dude your entire argument is “they’re legit because they have a website!!! no one with a website is a scammer!!!!!”

    Also ANYTHING online talking about this company is FLOODED with comments made by people who have no other activity on their profiles leaving glowing reviews. I know I totally make accounts on websites JUST to leave a glowing review of ONE company. Totally legit, guys! Totally! They’re totally not a scam at all, because these totally real people said so!

    Screw you, please lose all your money and stop scamming people.

  4. They are 100% a scam! My company is a legitimate DOT regulation service bureau and our customers are being hounded by these DOT Compliance people, then when they purchase one of these scammers packages, they never do work and now the customer is out of 500 dollars!!! THEY ARE A SCAM!! STAY AWAY!!

  5. They send test reports on time & notify if someone fails the drug and alcohol test. I highly recommend them for staying in compliance with DOT.

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