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Doubody Website Legit (May) Is this a Scam Website?

Doubody Website Legit (May) Is this a Scam Website? >> In this article, we review Doubody, an online home decor and accessories store.

Are you searching for kids essential items? Or maybe you’re looking to purchase lighting items for your house? Or you want to buy some stationery products. There are thousands of websites and online stores on the internet where you can purchase these items. But we suggest one site where you can find the best quality items which are also available at attractive prices. That website is Doubody.

We have taken a look at several details and reviews of this website, and we believe that Doubody provides some of the highest quality decoration items available in the market. These items are not only of the highest quality but are also sold on Doubody at very reasonable prices.

Doubody is based out of the United States, and as a result, it has seen a considerable amount of growth in the country. It has become trendy, and its customer base has grown exponentially in the region. The user traffic on the Doubody site is also significant.

In our Doubody review, we are going to take a look at all of the necessary details related to Doubody so that you can decide if Doubody is right for you or not, and also address- Is Doubody website legit?

What is Doubody?

Doubody is an online store that sells several decorations and other essential items. Their product range is considerably broad and has an enormous collection of several products. Some of their popular products include lighting equipment, decoration items, stationery items, and kids essential items and all other related accessories.

Their affordable pricing and high-quality products have earned them a feature spot in several popular magazines like Style At Home, Real Homes and Notebook. 

All other relevant information regarding Doubody is present below.

Doubody Specifications:

  • Website-  Decoration and essential items.
  • Email- doubody@outlook.com
  • Address- 1926, South 67 Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Contact No- 12563695004
  • Shipping period- 3-5 days, within the US and the UK only.
  • Delivery time- 7-10 days, within the US and UK only. (Free standard delivery with several faster, paid delivery options)
  • Returns- Most of the products are applicable for return within thirty days of purchase, with some exclusions.
  • Exchange- Most products are available with an exchange policy, with a few exclusions.
  • Refund- most products are applicable for repayment, with some exclusions.
  • Payment- Paypal, Credit Card & Debit Card

Is Doubody legit?

Doubody is not very popular outside of the United States as compared to some of its biggest competitors, and it is also relatively new. Thus, it is natural for users to have concerns like, Is Doubody website legit? We’re going to answer this question to the best of our abilities.

We believe that Doubody is legit. Several magazines have featured them like Real Homes, Notebook, etc. Also, every critical info about Doubody is present on the site, like its email address, contact number and address. Thus, we have no reason to suspect Doubody of being a scam. Hence, Doubody is legit.

Pros Of Doubody:

  • They have some of the highest quality products currently available in the market.
  • Their pricing is not high and very reasonable. 
  • They have free delivery options in the US and the UK.
  • They have a return, refund and exchange policies on almost all of their items. 

Cons Of Doubody:

  • Faster delivery options come at a cost.
  • They do not provide any return policy on items like drinks, CDs, etc.
  • No means of delivery outside of the US and the UK.

What are the users saying about Doubody?

There are no user reviews present on Doubody. But we succeeded in finding reviews of users who had recently made any purchase from Doubody. We searched on several platforms to find them.

Of the reviews, we were able to collect and went through; we found that most of these reviews praised Doubody for their superior quality items. Several also praised Doubody’s free delivery to mainland locations, unlike several other websites. But not all reviews were positive, and there were a considerable amount of negative responses as well.

Several users complained that their collection was not very large and they lacked a diverse group of products. Several were disappointed with their product’s build and quality. Several users also claimed that Doubody was more expensive than its competitor sites in the United States.

Final Verdict

We have answered, Is Doubody website legit, and concluded that it is. They have excellent quality products and have free delivery within the US. Doubody suffers from a few disadvantages, as mentioned above.

Our readers, you can buy from this website if you wish to. If not, you have other options.

0 thoughts on “Doubody Website Legit (May) Is this a Scam Website?

  1. We placed an order on 5/2 from Doubody for some game Cameras. Our credit card was charge $65.81 by a Chinese company. In a few days we received an email with a tracking number. When the package arrived it was 5 PPE masks. I sent an email but to date have not received an email. The phone number for Doubody listed on their website is an AL number and has been disconnected. According to their website they are located in Nebraska. All these things tells me they are likely a sham and we got took

    1. Order on 5-5-20. Nonthing so far. Email complaint department and nonthing. It’s all a sham

  2. I ordered a couple of trolling motors from Doubody, Got an e-mail with tracking number
    tracked pkg to my house and there was no package, spent $127
    Beware! this is a scam!
    I filed a claim with PP and they are looking into it.
    I suggest that if its to good to be true, well, IT’S A SCAM!

  3. My experience was the same. I sent payment for $65 through PayPal. I received 3 masks in the mail 5 weeks later. Their phone number is a disconnected one. I have sent them an email telling them that I am getting PayPal involved, but it doesn’t look like they will care much. Stay away from this site if you intend on keeping your money.

  4. Same with me. Bought depth finder for $56 and received cheap PPE masks. They issue a Tracking# so they can say the item was delivered, but what item was delivered. They don’t realize that the tracking number comes with a shipping weight. No depth finder in the world weighs 3 ounces. Scam site! Beware!

  5. We had the exact same thing happen to us. Ordered game Cameras and received PPE Masks. Also tried calling the number and it is disconnected. We have also tried emailing and have not gotten a response.

  6. This is a scam, they did exactly the same to me. I’m working with PayPal right now to try to get my money back

  7. It is a scam, I ordered an anchor and after several weeks of chasing this outfit I recieved cheap masks

  8. Absolute scam. Ordered a Bradley Smoker. Was given tracking number for a women’s scarf. Received neither. Get an email every other day demanding more money if I want a refund???? AVOID. TOTAL SCAM

  9. Scammed my stepson for a fishing reel. Phone number on web page is no good either. These are sorry no-good crooks

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