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Doxy.me Reviews {April} Is It Legit? or Another Scam?

Doxy.me Reviews {April} Is It Legit? or Another Scam? -> This read is for those who are searching for a distant helpline that would take care of their medical problems.

Today, the world is engulfed by the deadly ‘Corona Virus’, every country like the United States and Canada are preparing their citizens in their own measure to counter the pandemic.

One very important step, that we as a country man can adopt, is not visiting the hospitals and doctors for trivial health ailments. Rather, just call up your family physician or any medical practitioner for advice over phone.

This little care will ensure that there is less pressure on the doctors, who are working day in and day out for the victims. Not only now, but there several other situations when we seek medical help but don’t get it handy.

We require scheduling an appointment with the doctor which might be immediate or a long wait. Sometimes, we stagger fearing the expenses that we would be incurring just for a small preliminary advice.

In such cases, we are lucky if we have a visiting family doctor or any member of our family is into the medical profession. But this is just a matter of luck. Not everyone can depend on such occurrences.

Here comes the need of long distance communication between the doctor and the patient, which is like a dream come true for many.Talking of distant medical assistance over audio or video communication, I would like to introduce here ‘doxy.me’.

What is doxy.me?

Doxy.me is a long distance telephonic measure in the form of ‘Doxy.me Phone App’. All sorts of medical solutions are provided over cloud meetings and real time conversations between the patient and the medical practitioner.

The mobile application can be accessed using a ‘Doxy.me Login’. This facility is indeed a blessing in such hours, when people are urged to put up at homes under fear of contracting the lethal corona virus.

How does it work?

Brandon M.Welch, the founder of ‘doxy.me’ says that the service is a simple and free telemedicine solution.

This solution was designed keeping in mind that a lot of working professionals, who doesn’t get time to visit the doctor for regular check-up or individuals who are confined to their homes might use a medical service right from their place.

Traditionally, such a service was prevalent but only for few privileged people, who could afford the high price of it. Doxy.me Reviews is absolutely free and there are no hassles of downloading, registrations etc.

Who should use this?

According to me, this telemedicine service is an absolute necessary for everyone. It’s so comfortable sitting at your place of comfort and chatting up with qualified medical practitioners easily without any financial or technological hassles.

Doxy.me will be particularly useful for patients who are stuck up at home due to their condition or for busy moms and working people who can’t schedule time for visiting hospitals and dispensaries.

Why is it famous?

The company doxy.me was founded with the motive to cater to all those deprived individuals who can’t afford expensive treatments or doctor’s fees. The founder feels that every living soul is entitled to medical facilities and should not be restrained under lack of money, distance, time and other restrictive factors.

The application is designed keeping all this in mind. It’s a HIPAA and HITECH compliant simple platform that delivers telemedicine to over 60,000 providers. The service is easy to use and free of any charges. That’s the reason behind doxy.me’s growing popularity.

What are the negative remarks about it?

Well, since doxy.me is designed keeping the patients in mind, the doctors will have to work a little harder, out of their daily work schedules. This will be another tool, which the latter have to manage along with their daily practice regime.

Another feature is that doxy.me accepts payments through credit cards only.


Telemedicine is a bright concept not only in the present times but also for future generations too. There are so many situations, when we urgently need a doctor by our side but fail to get that because of wrong timing and the distance that we have to travel.

Sometimes cases are so critical that patients are not in a position to wait or be carried to even the nearest health centre. At such times, doxy.me can provide you the first hand medical advice and relieve you of the stressful situation a bit.

Since the application is seamless and can be easily used, one doesn’t have to gain prior knowledge or experience in working with it.

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  1. As a patient, I hate this website. I find it impossible to use and have told my drs I will not try again. I have spent so much time trying to get on with 2 different drs who wanted to use it. I cannot get my camera or microphone to connect. I follow the instructions and nothing works. I use Firefox on desktop. My computer is up to date with all current Microsoft downloads for Windows 10.

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