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Dpd Group Scam Email (May 2021) Get Details About It!


Dpd Group Scam Email (May 2021) Get Details About It! >> This scam is running since Dec 2020 and cheating many innocents. Read this to know everything about it if you do not want to be a scam victim.

Online Scams are taking place over the internet like terrorists. Phishing on popular brand names are subject to worry nowadays. Many of us have been a victim of these phishing emails. Recently a scam of group emails found in CanadaBehalf of a popular name DPD group. 

What is Dpd Group Scam EmailIf you don’t know, you must know about it for your safety. Here in this blog, we will let you know everything about this scam.

Few lines about DPD Group

We want to tell you about the DPD group before exposing this scam. DPD Group is one of the largest delivery company. It is working for most reputed online websites and now as people shopping most of the things online. Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of this brand name and cheating people.

Dpd Group Scam Email: How to identify?

Any brand always uses its domain for sending any email, especially for payment related matters. For example, DPD always use either www.dpd.co.uk or www.dpdlocal.co.uk. The domain is the unique identity of any brand; no one can use the same domain, while scammers use generic domains like mail.com,xyz.co.in etc. If the email is not from an authorised domain name, don’t share any of your details. 

How to Report Scam?

First of all, don’t fall into the trap. Scammers don’t allow receivers to read the mail properly, so if you notice a hurry for making a payment, be alert. Second, if you feel that you received the Dpd Group Scam Email, don’t forget to check the information mentioned on the cyberaware.gov.uk portal and getsafeonline.org portal. Finally, if you have been a victim, report it ASAP to the National Cyber Security Centre portal at report@phishing.gov.uk.

What can you do to save yourself?

If you have given your personal details to scammers, immediately report your bank and keep an eye to all of your transactions. You can also change the password for your safety. Unfortunately DPD group cannot do anything in this as they don’t have any involvement. However, you can check the order id and tracking number if they are the same or different.

What did People report for DPD Scam?

People who recived the Dpd Group Scam Email wrote their experience on various social media platforms. We found them saying that this scam is running since Dec 2020. In some case address is incomplete. They are asking for re-delivery charges. People are getting bulk emails a minimum of 3-4 a day.

In some cases, the name is missing from the email. In some scam emails, they are requesting to click on buttons or links. If you want to know more, read here:

Final Verdict:

Unfortunately, stopping cybercriminals is not in our hands. Always check and read all information before sharing any personal information or making any payment. Don’t forget to check that mail is from an authorised domain or not. Phishing emails like Dpd Group Scam Email always contains quick to action content like if you don’t pay, this will happen. Do this immediately while brands use a polite tone. Read here to know more about the scam.

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