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Dr Curry Psychologist {May} Explore Details Of Her Life!

The testimony of Dr Curry Psychologist and smirking towards Johny Depp has created rumours all over the internet. Read to find out more.

Johny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard’s court case has drawn huge limelight with mammoth fan base all over the world. The case has been at the centre of all the news reporting for long and people Worldwide are watching it with increasing interest. There has been a systematic progression of the case as it proceeded from testimonies of both Depp and Amber against each other. Interestingly, the entry of Dr Curry Psychologist has made the proceedings more interesting and engaging. The flirty eye contact between Depp and Curry has been widely talked about on social media.

Who is Dr. Shannon Curry?

Our intention in this article is to give you a brief analysis of the trending name i.e. Dr. Shannon Curry. After a lot of testimonies, including that of former security guards, personal assistants and media team members, the most interesting phase unfolded with the entry of Dr. Shannon Curry. 

Dr. Shannon Curry is a clinical psychologist who has been certified with a degree by the Pepperdine University. Dr Shannon Curry Psychologist also holds a post doctoral degree in Masters of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology. This degree is from Alliant University. Curry is licensed to practice both in Hawaii and California. She is also the owner of a leading counseling centre in Orange County by the name of Curry Psychology Group. 

According to her website, she has over fifteen years of experience in practicing as clinical psychologist. She has conducted research on therapy, and psychological evaluations on subjects such as violence, and relationships. The bio suggests that she could be an apt choice for the trial but is there a catch?

The Testimony of Dr Curry Psychologist and Johny Depp

There are rumours, maybe true, that the psychologist Dr. Shannon Curry was smirking to Johny Depp during her testimony. As per various online sources, there are reports that videos suggest that both of them were flirting while looking at each other during testimony. This has created a sort of controversy in some sense. It is to be noted that Dr. Curry is already married to a man named Ty. Ty is also known as “muffin man”.

The doctor testified in the court that she has reasons to believe that Amber has some disorder. Dr Curry Psychologist testified that after talking to Amber for almost 12 hours, she moved to this conclusion. There is a constant fear of abandonment, she said, and Amber, in similar fashion, is working to prevent such a thing from happening. 

When she was questioned about whether she has any bias towards Johny Depp, she denied and mentioned that she went to dinner with him as a part of normal gathering and there is nothing personal in it.

Note – All the information is collected from online sources, we are just presenting it.


The entry of Dr. Shannon Curry to the trial of Johny Depp and Amber Heard has made it more interesting. The testimony of Dr Curry Psychologist about Amber Heard concluded that Amber suffers from borderline personality disorder. However, the proceedings became famous for flirt between Depp and Curry. People have noticed that the psychologist smirked towards Johny Depp while testifying in courtroom. To know more details, see this news.

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