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Dr David Samadi Who (Jan) Urologic Oncology Expert!

Dr David Samadi Who (Jan) Urologic Oncology Expert! >> The write-up shares details of a renowned doctor and his medical career. Please go through all the information now.

Urologic Oncology and Robotic Surgeon Dr. David Samadi is the active and globally acclaimed urologist and energetic pioneer in prostate cancer treatment. He was into the limelight after Dr. David Samadi Who tweet, he posted on his Twitter handle.  

He is the leader in treatment of prostate cancer and robotic assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy. It is a kind of medical surgery used to treat prostate cancer in males. 

He has a specialization in diagnosing and treating prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and other urologic conditions. He is from America but famous for his dedication to medical science Worldwide.      

 A Few Words about Dr. David Samadi

As mentioned, Dr is the board-certified urologist by profession, and a Newsmax contributor, Former Chairman of Urology and Chief of Surgery – Robotic at Hospital Lenox Hill. He is an expert in conventional and laparoscopic robotic-assisted surgery for prostate cancer

He presently works as the Director of Men’s health at the St. Francis Hospital in New York. Dr. David Samadi is acclaimed in America for his dedication to medical science and popular Worldwide.    

Dr. David Samadi is dedicating his life to medical treatment and is known for his distinguished medical career in early diagnosing, treatment, and detection of prostate cancer in males. He is a pioneer and leader in the niche. 

He was into the limelight after he posted some tweets about WHO. Dr. David Samadi Who tweets, take social media by storm, and it helped him gain the users’ attention. 

How is Dr. David Samadi Contributing to the Medical Science?

In males, cancer (prostate) is a malignant type of cancer or tumor that forms in the prostate glands of males, the males’ reproductive system. It is the standard type of cancer that has affected thousands of people in America for over 50 years.

Over 200,000 cases are diagnosed every year, with only 5-year survival rates for all the cancer stages. So, all men are at risk of developing cancer.

Hence, Dr. David Samadi comes forth with a new type of treatment for prostate cancer in males. He ensures to turn prostate cancer from a fatal disease into a hopeful recovery and medicine with his treatment procedure. 

He teamed with some of the crucial public figures, and all his messages are coming from all possible channels to stop Americans from drying from prostate cancer.  Dr David explored that there is a concerning decrease (fall by 60%) in cancer screenings, after March Coronavirus shutdown.

He is also in the limelight because of Dr. David Samadi Who tweet which he posted a few months back.       

What Patients Have to Say About Dr. David Samadi?

Dr. David Samadi’s patient list is quite big, and he has many satisfied patients. Many patients have shared positive reviews about the doctor after prostate surgery.  

Many patients have confirmed that after the surgery, their quality of life has changed. Apart from his success stories from patients, Dr. David Samadi is also famous for his Twitter page’s activeness.


Dr. David Samadi is the man behind the success of robotic-assisted prostate surgery. He has many successful cases under his name, and he is doing wonders in the field – prostate cancer surgery. 

He is also active on social media and getting users’ attention after Dr. David Samadi Who tweet. If you have any suggestions about the doctor, please write them down in the comment section.

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