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Dr Kalman Rubin (Aug) Practicing Psychologist Since 1978

Dr Kalman Rubin (Aug) Practicing Psychologist Since 1978 >> Have you ever heard of a doctor that cures illness through its therapeutic skills?  Learn more here about him by reading this article thoroughly.

Do you want to make your life effective and more productive to deliver better decisions? Are you waiting to know someone good at mitigating the increased risk of stress? Then if you want to know more about this personality, be with us throughout the article. 

A survey conducted by the Australian psychological society has disclosed that youngsters within Australia of 18-25 are going through increased stress levels, and damaging their healthy lifestyle. Also, about 12 percent of Australians suffer from stress due to excessive use of social media networks. 

So, this article will be about a well-known psychologist named Dr Kalman Rubin. But, first, let us dig more about this personality. 

Who is Kalman Rubin?

He is a well-known psychologist dedicated to helping people, especially grown-ups and children. He is not only good at reducing the stress level in people but also helps them through counselling. 

Kalman Rubin provides a therapeutic milieu to the children who are removed from their homes due to some personal issues, which has led them to go through several emotional and physical breakdowns. 

Overview of Dr Kalman Rubin

Kalman provides numerous treatments to their patients via psychotherapy, marriage counselling, family law mediation, marriage workshops, therapy to victim abuse, family therapies. 

Being a psychologist from 1978, he has worked with innumerable children and grown-up people suffering from different traumas, either family pressures or over thinking. He provides treatment to the sufferer and assists them in recovering from the past to encourage an effective relieving process. 

So, let us discover his qualifications to know more about him. 

Kalman Rubin’s Qualifications and Other Details 

Dr Kalman Rubin has studied a lot which has led him to operate the minds of many to treat several types of illness. Moreover, he has completed BGS in Psychology and also studied MSSA in Clinical and Counselling to recover and treat the lives of many poor people. 

He has also been accredited as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner to settle the issues within the family. Also, being a member of the Australian Psychological Society, Dr Kalman Rubin suggests and delivers motivational speeches to people suffering from stress.  

Experience of Kalman Rubin

Institution/Company  Designation  Years
Jones Home Residential Treatment Centre Therapist Case Manager Psychologist Jul 1979 – Sep 1987
OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services Director of Residential Treatment Centres Jan 1988 – Dec 1991
Family Court of Australia Manager of Counselling and Mediation Feb 1992 – Jan 2002
Psychologist, Mediator, Speaker, Workshops, Consultant Management Jan 1991 – till now. 

The Final Words

This post has analyzed full details about a famous psychologist, therapist, teacher, counsellor named Dr Kalman Rubin, who has cured many patients with his remarkable techniques. When we researched him, we have found that he not only treats people but also provides end support to recover from the fear they have faced in their past. 

Moreover, through this article, we have also highlighted Kalman’s educational qualifications and achievements to gain and encourage other people to help poor lives. The experiences that he has gained throughout his entire career are evenly discussed in this write-up. Visit here to know more about Kalman Rubin. 

What attracts you to him? Write down your thoughts below in the comment box. 

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